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The Post Surgical Don’ts of Neck Liposuction

Updated on April 3, 2010

Neck liposuction is really easy to get through as long as patients listen and follow their cosmetic surgeon’s instructions

  • Keeping in mind that the body is still recovering from an operation, neck liposuction patients will certainly experience a few restrictions with regard to their daily routines and activities.  One important step to follow is to never wet the sutures, butterflies/steri-strips, or stitches because if they do, it increases the chances of infection. If they do get wet, immediately dry the area with a towel or cloth and make sure all moisture has been absorbed. Never use cotton wool or anything similar to that since it leaves fibers behind that may further irritate the wound. It is advisable to clean the sutures with peroxide followed by the application of an antibiotic ointment. There are not restrictions for showering as long as the sutures are kept dry.
  • One less thing that neck liposuction patients do not have to worry about is having to follow a strict food diet.  However, it is imperative to always stay hydrated because the body loses a lot of fluids during the operation. Patients may eat whatever they want so long as they gradually adjust their diets from the initial all-liquids (milk shakes with beverage-type meals, fruit juices, and other nutritional fluids) to soft foods (oatmeal, pasta, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc.) then over to solid foods as long as they can tolerate it. Always remember to continually hydrate and replenish the body’s fluids.
  • Smokers are also directed to refrain from lighting a cigarette a couple of weeks prior and following a neck liposuction since tobacco abuse is known to slow down the healing process. Regarding the immediate periods following surgery, patients are advised to have a companion escort them home and stay by their side for the initial period as he or she may still be experiencing the after effects of sedation or anesthetics.  It is advisable to have a responsible adult to watch over the outpatient or especially because full recovery is not concluded within the hospital or clinic.
  • Another crucial and major “don’t” is engaging in any strenuous physical activity particularly the first few weeks or month after neck liposuction. Bending, lifting, or any action that strains the neck is absolutely prohibited. If picking up something from the ground is required, bend from the knees and don’t drop your head lower than your shoulders. Again, never put any tension or stress to the neck area. When sleeping, make sure the head is slightly elevated. If not, use a couple or so pillows to prop your head up for at least one week. Disrupted sleep will be normal in the first few weeks but will diminish as the healing process progresses.
  • Neck liposuction is really easy to get through as long as patients listen and follow their cosmetic surgeon’s instructions. In this way, any accidental wounding of the neck, infections, complications, and other risks and dangers associated with this procedure may be prevented. It would be best for patients to lead a healthier lifestyle during the recovery process as this may speed up healing process. Furthermore, it is important to observe and listen to your body when going on with usual daily routines so as to monitor your speed of recovery. Being aware of its limitations will greatly enhance the success of the operation.


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