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Most flattering appropriate neckline types for oval, round and square faces (for women)

Updated on October 30, 2011

For women to stand out from others, it is so important to look perfect in every way. Most women are aware of their imperfections and try to hide it with makeup, appropriate clothing and accessories. In this hub, I will address the issue of face shape and the types of neckline that are most flattering for you. If you wear the right necklines, you will be able to look more pleasing to the eyes of the opposite sex.

Round face – The goal of the neckline is to minimize the roundness of your face. A deep v neck is the best choice for you. It will make your face look longer and slimmer. Any type of v neck is a good choice for round faces. Crew neck is the worst choice for you because it emphasizes the roundness of your face.

Long face – Many women with long faces want to shorten the length of their faces. A long face tends to make you look older than you actually are. You should choose crew necks, turtle necks or any kind of neckline that is not deep. The boat neck is another great choice for you. In general, you should avoid the deep v neck as it elongates the face. However, many women love the v neck. You can use a necklace to make your face appear shorter when wearing a v neck. Bangs can shorten your face very effectively. The type of bangs that cover your whole forehead can make you look very cute.

Square face – The square face tends to appear more masculine than all the other face shapes. Many women with square faces want to look more feminine and less square. You should avoid all square necklines because it emphasizes the shape of your face. All the other kinds of necklines are appropriate. However, the round neckline is the best because it softens the edges of your face.

Small face – Those with a smaller face need a small neckline.

Big face – Those with a bigger face need a bigger deeper neckline.

Oval face – Women with oval faces are very lucky. Your face is very balanced and will look good with any neckline. You should wear different necklines depending on your own preferences. However, if your face is on the bigger side, you should try to wear necklines that are deeper.


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    • profile image

      chika 5 years ago

      i really learn a lot that i can apply in choosing necklines of my dress that will suite my face shape.

      thanks to this page:)