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Nick and Nora Flannel Pajamas

Updated on April 16, 2013

Nick & Nora Flannel Pajamas

Nick and Nora flannel pajamas are soft and warm and come in cute and fun patterns. This page offers a complete list of all the newest Nick & Nora flannel patterns, including Mistle Toad, Sugar Cookies, and the new Santa's Helper, featuring the always popular Sock Monkeys. You'll also find links to the original Sock Monkey and other classic patterns of the Nick and Nora flannel pajamas.

New styles of Nick & Nora flannel PJs are released each fall. Look here for updates then with new patterns every year.

The Nick and Nora flannel pajamas below are discontinued styles that are available only in limitedsizes and quantities.

The most popular Nick & Nora pattern is consistently Sock Monkeys in various forms. One pattern is pink or blue 100% cotton flannel with the sock monkeys having all sorts of fun - bowling, baking a pie, slipping on a banana peel, swinging in a hammock, and cruising down the "San Simian" highway. Other favorite prints feature Christmas themes, with the monkeys holding presents and wearing Santa hats.


Flamingos on Ice! Flamingos are one of Nick & Nora's most popular themes. Flamingos on Ice are bundled up in scarves and earmuffs, hanging out in their Airstream trailers strung with Christmas lights.


Trendy owls are featured on a few different Nick & Nora prints in 100% cotton flannel in shades of purple and turquoise..


Nick and Nora Traveling Gnomes - A gnome travels the world

This print features gnomes traveling the world - catching a cab in New York City, riding in a gondola in Venice, walking a poodle in Paris.


I love all the fun sock monkey themes that Nick & Nora have come up with. Which is your favorite print?

Which is your favorite Nick & Nora flannel pattern?

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    • profile image

      Gerri Mansfield 8 months ago

      Like Shihtzu PJ's

    • profile image

      Jesse 2 years ago

      Andrea You are very talented at senwig! It is thoughtful that you sew your brother's children pajamas every Christmas!Today (Monday December 6) was a Snow Day here in London. Tomorrow might be a Snow Day too. Did you have a Snow Day today? Good night!

    • profile image 2 years ago

      pink flamingo/airstream/large