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Nine West Clothing

Updated on January 24, 2012

Nine West Offers A Full Line Of Apparel & Accessories

Nine West began modestly less than 30 years ago as a store at 9 West 57th Street in NYC. Growth has continued steadily with the line's recent inclusions of luggage, children's shoes, scarves, wraps and silk. Most recently, Nine West paired with New Balance running shoes to match "fashion with performance".

Nine West also carries handbags, sportswear, dresses, hosiery, outerwear, jewelry, belts, hats and cold weather accessories.

Shop for Nine West at a variety of high end department stores, along with their own shops. You can additionally find Nine West products for sale at retailers such as, eBay,, and others.

Nine West and New Balance - Style Partners With Performance

New Balance are a different type of shoes than Nine West. New Balance are sneakers. View this promotional video from February, 2009 where Nine West Creative Director Fred Allard introduces the new line.

Tumbling Through Time - A novel by Gwen Cready

Gwen Cready's novel has character Seph Pyle going back in time to 1705 after trying on sandals at a Nine West store in the Pittsburgh Airport.


The year Nine West was founded.

Check out who's wearing Nine West and how they're putting the looks together at these sites:

  • StreetPeeper - View everyday people all over the globe wearing Nine West. StreetPeeper covers: Amsterdam, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Copenhagen, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Oslo, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Tallinn, Toronto, Warsaw and Zurich.
  • - Photos of celebrities and their shoes (and it tells you whose shoes they are so you can match the look! em, based on price of course.)
  • CoolSpotters - Search by brand or by celebrity, this link takes you straight to the celebs who've been seen wearing Nine West lately.
  • InStyle - Who's Wearing Who - This time from InStyle magazine, check out who's wearing who either by searching for a designer or a particular celebrity.

Nine West's Typical Cyber Customer

Who shops online at

According to Quantcast, the audience for is predominantly female (69%), aged between 18 and 49 (83%), college-educated (45%), earning between $30k and $100k annually (38%) with no kids (63%). These demographics were taken on April 26, 2009.

Nine West Adverts - Behind the scenes footage of the photo shoots

View the shooting of Nine West Ad Campaigns For 2008 and 2009 Collections.

BTW, F is for Fall, SS is for Spring / Summer

Other shoes associated with Nine West - And all of these are owned by The Jones Apparel Group.

The Jones Apparel Group is an American Fortune 500 Company that markets, designs and wholesales clothing, shoes and accesssories. All of the brands associated with the Nine West name are owned by the Jones Apparel Group.

  1. Easy Spirit
  2. Enzo Angiolini
  3. Bandolino
  4. Calico

9 West 57th Street, New York, NY

The first address for Nine West, and the inspiration for its name.

Nine West Shoes - Purchase Nine West Footwear online at

Nine West Bags - Carry it all in style

Carrying off a fashionable look that's properly tied together means coordinating your shoes and bag. If you're donning Nine West shoes, get the bag too! Here are some of the Nine West handbags available for sale online at

Nine West Flats - Shoes for sale online at

Here is a selection of flat shoes from Nine West Available for sale on

Boutique 9 - A distinctive collection from Nine West

Shop online at for the latest Boutique 9 shoe fashions from Nine West.

Boutique 9 Shoes on eBay - Get them while they're hot!

Here are the latest eBay auctions for Nine West's Boutique 9 Shoe Collection.

West, Route 9

Coincidentally, There is a Nine West retail outlet location on Route 9's westbound side in Natick, Massachusetts.

Kids Shoes For Sale From Nine West - Start them off Stylish!

Below is a listing of shoes in the newest kids collection on sale online at

Nine West Handbags - Built to last, they're a good bet for second-hand merchandise

Nine West handbags are quality bags. They cost a little more, but they'll last for year: in short, you get what you pay for. Listed below are several Nine West handbags currently on auction at eBay. Go ahead and make a bid!

Nine West's Project Front Row

Vogue Magazine interviews designers Vivienne Westwood, Thakoon, and Sophia Kokosalaki, asking what are the essential elements of their individual styles and what they have gained or learned from working with such a large fashion name as Nine West. Also shown are catwalk highlights of each respective collection.

Find Nine West Clothing on eBay - Purchase lightly worn or NIB (New In Box) clothing from Nine West

While Nine West is not the most expensive ready-to-wear clothing line, things can still get a little pricey. Shop online at eBay for second-hand Nine West clothing. Not only can this be the more affordable option, its also better for the planet. Reuse and recycle your fashions!

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Are you a Nine West fan? What are your favorite Nine West items? Is it your pair of Nine West jeans or is it those shoes? Maybe you don't rate their quality very highly. Let us know about that too. Know of a good place to find Nine West clothing online? Post it here. Or maybe you found some great Nine West stuff at an overstock shop like Marshalls recently. Here's the place to brag about your Nine West finds.

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What do you think of the Nine West label? - Do you wear it? Do you wish you did?

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