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Sagging pants: Fashion or misinformation?

Updated on January 25, 2012
Sagging: NOT attractive in the least.
Sagging: NOT attractive in the least. | Source

A sagging fashion statement

It's seems more often than we would like, sagging jeans have become a new fashion statement. Everyone from Celebrities to everyday men and sometimes women wear them. In this writer's personal history, I have sported baggy jeans during my "Tom boy" days as a young girl but I have never and will never be in support of the sagging jeans movement! The look is not only disrespectful to the general public to see but to the wearing party as well! Since when has it become okay to look sloppy and incomplete?? When did this look begin and why did it take flight when it looks like men have forgotten their belts and good sense at home?

Let's examine that for a minute, Most people's response for the origin of this would be to call it a new look that makes you look like a "Thug" or "Gangsta". They see their favorite rappers like Lil' Wayne do it and now they are all copying his trends and style. Sadly enough even pop artists like Justin Bieber are following "The Saggy Movement". T.v. and music stars influence the look as well but yet they don't hold themselves accountable for this ugly trend. Funny enough most Hip Hop know where this is also associated with but yet they still wear the "style", are all these "Gangsta Rappers" and "D-boys" trying to tell us something about their secret lives???

Lil' Wayne sporting saggy leopard  SKINNY JEANS....
Lil' Wayne sporting saggy leopard SKINNY JEANS.... | Source
Justin Bieber sporting the saggy look, WHY??
Justin Bieber sporting the saggy look, WHY?? | Source

Insult to Injury

Ironic part about this particular style of fashion is that almost all they guys who choose to wear this look are almost always wearing belts on the pants they let hang low! REALLY?!?! As if that makes a serious difference! The belt was made to keep your pants on your hips yet you still manage to keep the pants below your behind, If that is the case do the belt some justice and leave it home, it's not like you are using it properly anyhow!

The worst part is one day I was on public transportation when the kids were let out of school and these 2 young boys couldn't be no more than 9 and 10 years of age had their pants almost to their knees! I asked them, Why do you wear your jeans like that? They said that "They wear it this way because it is the style, and it makes them look cool". I explained to them that the look came from prison and is associated with inmates, now do you want to be associated as a prison inmate?? They said "we don't care! That's a lie!" I just shook my head in sadness! Not only was it sad that these kids didn't care if they looked like prison inmates but It is sad that people whom call themselves parents let them leave the house this way!

Prison Inmate
Prison Inmate | Source

Part 1 of The saggy truth..

Now most people who wear the style claim that the look came from gangsta rappers who were trying to give off a hardcore image like being a drug dealer or gang member off the streets. Here's the most commonly know fact about the look itself, The look (as most people know) started in prison during the late 1970s to present day by men who had there manhood taken away by other men in prison. Allow me to explain even further, in jail when a man wants another man to be his "girlfriend" he would force or rape the man into submission and then afterwards would make the man wear his pants below his back side to show that he was "taken" by another man.

Most if not all rappers and men know about this particular part of the truth yet, they still choose to wear their pants low behind themselves and make it look gangster. Again, are they secretly trying to tell us that Hip Hop is down with the "MAN ON MAN RAPE"?? By keeping their pants low they not only continuing a bad stereotype but also make us who know the truth wonder about their "intimate preference". Not that it is any of our business but I am just saying, that would explain why they degrade women in videos and on rap lyrics. This would also explain the reason for Hip Hop artist choose stage names and rap personalities that have nothing to do with who they really are, like a BEARD.....

Part 2 The saggy truth, commonly unknown.

Now aside from the truth that people might know about "The saggy pants movement" is another awful truth. Back in the days of lynching, the would catch young African American males and kill them, once killed they would hang them right side up and had their "Manhood" cut off. After the victims have had their "Manhood" cut off then they would display them with their pants sagging off to show that they had it taken from them, much like in jail... Honestly, it is very graphic to hear but, in to be well informed about something you must know the truth.

Hopefully someone reading this will inform others of the truth and help to stop a fashion statement that is not only ugly but extremely disrespectful to the wearer and views of it. Truly I believe that this look not only shames the person but an entire generation. I am proud to be from a home state that is trying to banish the look altogether. I hope the Governor of New York succeeds! Let's say no to Sagging!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      When they wear their pants hanging so low that they have to hold them up with their hand to walk, run, or in general move. This is where it gets real dumb, what happens if they have to run from other "Thugs or Gangsta's" and they can't because their pants are in the way'')It is a stupid style statement that is not going away soon enough.yes I voted^

    • north2south profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Orlando, Fl

      When I was looking for the info for my article I just happened to come across the original origin and was completely shocked. Hopefully some young person will read it & change their appearance. Thank you for your comment! :-)

    • your cybersister profile image

      your cybersister 

      6 years ago from Just relocated from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina

      I have two young (supposedly adult) sons who sport this ridiculous looking style from time to time, under the impression they look "cool" when they do it. What it reminds me of is when their britches were "full" when they were toddlers...not at all appealing in any way! I had heard somewhere that the look started in prison, but had never heard the whole story. I can't imagine why anyone finds this attractive or even comfortable. These kids spend half the day pulling their pants up by the useless belt they are still (for some unknown reason) wearing - this has to be a royal pain.

      Kudos to the Governor of New York - I hope the banishment succeeds and migrates to Florida.


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