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Not Your Grandma's Avon

Updated on January 10, 2013

Avon isn't for old ladies. Avon offers supreme quality in its products and if you flip though a brouchure you will notice that Avon is hipper and trendier than ever before. Avon offers new prouducts in every brochure. Along with the new products are Avon's "classic" products that have been around and around and around. That is the beauty of Avon [punt intended], it really is for everyone.


Often times when someone mentions the word Avon, the image of little old ladies pops into your head. I used to think that way too, Avon has over the years become attached to oldladyism. I am here to change that because today's Avon is not your grandma's Avon! Avon has done a wonderful job of keeping up with the times and trends of beauty and fashion. There are new products available every brochure, yes there are still a lot of the old [lady] perfumes and stinky musk's still available but that is because some people have been using Avon for so long and that is their scent, they love it. Avon has been around for over 125 years and sold over 10 billion dollars in 2010, the numbers don't lie. Avon's products are loved, no doubt. I come from a generation that loves color, sparkles and bling and Avon has that. I think people get so stuck on Avon being for the older generation that they don't even take the time to check out what Avon has to offer them. I was that person not long ago; I use Avon's skincare and make up. I have for years but that was because my mom would order me lip glosses and eye liners and stuff them into my stocking. I would have never told anyone that because quite frankly I was embarrassed to say the name because I might as well have been pushing my walker into the bingo hall. The truth is this, Avon rocks. Avon is for everyone, they just don't know it yet and I am proud to be a representative.

I recently attended a meeting and as I walked in and sat down I noticed the women coming in around me. Most of these women were very well kempt, they had on heels, lip gloss and they carried pretty handbags. (Avon of Course!) Some of the women were, well not someone you would expect to be selling beauty products. I'm not here to judge, if that works for you well then rock on. My point is this, if I am shopping for a car I will not be stopping by Ray's 1974 Wheel and Deal. I think that you should look the part and carry yourself in a manner that best represents the product you are selling. Would you have your hair done at a salon where all of the hairdressers had three inch gray roots, probably not? Avon introduced their "attire" for a movement that is going to create thousands of new businesses this year. The rep should wear black pants and a white top, a black Avon branded full apron and a black branded visor. Yes I said a visor, would you like fries with that? I could not believe that this was the look they had decided was going to spark thousands of people to become Avon representatives. We are selling beauty products and fashion not cheeseburgers. This is the area in which I believe Avon is in need of a serious make over. I am 30 years old and I am not okay with wearing lapel pins. This could potentially be a big problem for the younger Avon generation. Like I mentioned earlier, Avon has done a wonderful job keeping up with the trends when it comes to their products and also by adding Mark. and Tiny Tillia to their product line but how do we reach the people who are the ones who will be purchasing these trendy products, that is the question. The younger generation is after all the future of Avon and this issue needs serious thought. We need to be as progressive in our presentation as we are with our products. Avon has partnered with huge celebrities such as Fergie, Jon Bon Jovie, Derek Jetter, Reese Witherspoon, Patrick McDreamy Dempsey, Jennifer Hudson and the list goes on. We wouldn't dare put Fergie in a full apron and visor on the cover of a brochure and expect to sell her perfumes. Presentation matters and if you want to attract the attention of thousands of women and want them to want to sell your product you've got to do better than that.

I realize that a large majority of those that purchase Avon are probably 45+ and I don't want to discount that. I am greatful for their loyalty. My youngest customer thus far is mid-late 30's. We need to be reaching out to those that are in their 20's and 30's because these are our next generation of loyal customers. We have already reached the 45+ age group and continue to do so but lets not limit ourselves. There is a whole world of women out there who are loyal visitors to the drug store cosmetic isle that have no idea that what Avon offers is of better quality and cost less.

Buy Avon

To see a current brouchure or to place an order please visit

Avon is...SEXY

Avon offers a new body spray that is so yum. Ultra Sexy Body Mist is a fruity floral cocktail that will tantilize the senses. Perfect for everyday wear or for date night. This product is comparable to Victoria's Secret body sprays. Regular brochure price is $14.99 for an 8.45 fl. oz. bottle.

A variety of Ultra Sexy products are available and include body moisturizer, body scrub and shimmering body powder.

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    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I didn't know that Amazon carries Avon! Thanks for sharing.


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