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Nylon Nightgown

Updated on February 21, 2014

Lovely Nylon Nightgowns

The lady who is looking for a nylon nightgown is lucky indeed! We have a great selection of cool and comfortable nightgowns in sizes from small to 6X Plus!

These are the prettiest and most highly rated nighties made of 100% nylon. All are easy to care for and easy to wear. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them perfect for travelers.

Nylon makes a pretty and flowing gown. The fabric seams to float on the air, giving the wearer an ethereal appearance. Women say they love the way it slides on the sheets while sleeping. They way it hangs tends to be flattering to most figures.

These nightgowns are sheer. It is the nature of the fabric. If you are going to be wearing one in front of children or house guests, you might wish to put on a robe. Most women and their partners find the sheer nature of the nylon nightgown to be quite enjoyable!

Shadowline Short Sleeveless Gown with Flower Petal Embroidery

Shadowline Nylon Nightgown

Long Nylon Nightgown - Beloved Shadowline Style

Women have loved this Shadowline nightie for generations, and it is easy to see why! The flattering cut and easy care make it a clear winner. Add a myriad of color choices and you simply cannot go wrong!

Shadowline Stretch-Lace Bodice Nylon Nightgown

This elegant gown deserves a place in your sleepwear wardrobe! The lace bodice has a touch of spandex to cling to your curves. Looks and feels so feminine!

More Shadowline Silhoutte Nylon Nightgowns

If you love the Shadowline gown with the stretch-lace bodice, you may also like these nightgowns and robes from their Silhouette collection!

Shadowline Silhouette Gown and Peignoir Set (51737)
Shadowline Silhouette Gown and Peignoir Set (51737)

You will love the luxury of this beautiful peignoir set. In sizes small to 3XL. In five pretty colors, including ivory, black, purple and red.


More Shadowline Nightgowns

The Shadowline gown comes in a variety of options. You can get sleeveless, flutter sleeves or long sleeves. Get your choice of lengths as well: long, short or medium. Add a matching robe! You really can have it your way when it comes to this classic sleepwear!

Nylon Shadowline Nightgowns on eBay

Will there be a good deal on a Shadowline nightie on eBay today? Let's find out!

The Feminine Romance of a Diaphonous Nylon Nightgown!

Romantic nylon nightgown by moonlight
Romantic nylon nightgown by moonlight

This album cover from the 1960's featured a lovely woman wearing a soft and sheer nylon peignoir set.

Vanity Fair Nylon Nightgown

Vanity Fair Colortura Nylon Nightgowns

Vanity Fair is another popular brand women have loved for decades! I love my Vanity Fair nightie. It is one of my favorites. The Colortura line comes in sizes from small to 4XL, and in a rainbow of colors.

Vanity Fair Women's Colortura Short Gown #30107
Vanity Fair Women's Colortura Short Gown #30107

In sizes small to 4X. In many color choices including azure, red, pink and black.


Miss Elaine Nylon Nightgown

Miss Elaine Flutter Sleeve Nylon Nightgown

Miss Elaine is another well-loved and trusted name brand for women's sleepwear! Generations of women have trusted Miss Elaine for quality nightgowns that is soft, comfortable and flattering. These are nightgowns that will last for years. You will come back to them again and again!

Miss Elaine Long Flutter Sleeve Gown
Miss Elaine Long Flutter Sleeve Gown

This beautiful gown in available in sizes small to 2XL. Choose from pink or aqua.


More Miss Elaine Nylon Nightgowns

If you love nylon nightgowns, you owe it to yourself to try these Miss Elaine gowns on for size!

More Nylon Nightgowns You Will Love!

Plus Size Nylon Nightgowns

If you are looking for nylon nightgowns in larger sizes, see how you like this selection!

More Nylon Nightgowns

Here are a few of my favorite nightgowns by various manufacturers you can find on Amazon! Pretty, soft and cool nylon nighties!


This pretty gown comes in six color choices, including peach, pink, blue, mint or green. In sizes medium to 2XL.


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Nylon Nightgowns at eBay

Sometimes a bargain can be found on eBay. I wonder if we can find a great deal on a nylon nightgown today. You never know what you might find!

Vintage Nylon Nightgowns on eBay

It usually pays to check eBay for vintage sleepwear. Let's see if they have any vintage nighties for us today!

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