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5 looks inspired by off the shoulder tops, look chic effortlessly with these easy combinations!

Updated on April 7, 2012

In recent years, off the shoulder tops are becoming very popular in the fashion world. Every fashion conscious woman owns at least one off the shoulder item. Even though it is very chic, it should not be wore at the office or other professional settings because off the shoulder tops are very causal. Nevertheless, off the shoulder tops are great for causal events and outings with family or friends. This hub talks about five different looks inspired by off the shoulder tops. Hope you will enjoy it.

Off the shoulder top with skinny jeans – Off the shoulder tops can be paired with lots of different clothing. The off the shoulder top used in this look has a big sleeve so it looks amazing with skinny jeans. The high heels will give you a major boost in height. Those that are very tall can wear flats instead. This look is suitable for many causal outings and date nights. It will make you look sexy and trendy.

Off the shoulder top with mini denim skirt – An off the shoulder top can be paired with a mini denim skirt for the ultimate sexy look. This combination is suitable for younger women that are petite. The red ballet flats will draw people's attention to your feet and legs. If you want even more attention, you can replace the red flats with some red heels instead. Overall, this look is chic and sexy.

Off the shoulder top with shorts – This is a very causal look for younger women; you will look chic effortlessly. During the hot days in Southern California and elsewhere, it is a perfect opportunity to show off your style and tuned body. The off the shoulder top and shorts combination is perfect for a petite woman because it shows off her tuned legs and makes a small woman look taller. You can wear gladiator sandals but a pair of flip flops are better at visually elongating your legs. I completed this look with a pair of suede wedges for a bit of formal look.

Off the shoulder top with maxi skirt – The last two looks are great for petite women, this look is perfect for tall women. The easiest way for tall women to show off their figure is through a long maxi skirt. The off the shoulder top with maxi skirt can create a very feminine look for tall ladies. You can make this look trendier with a pair of big hoop or feather earrings.

Off the shoulder top with long shorts – There are days in the summer where you need to wear an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm. You can wear a light pull over off the shoulder sweater on top of your summer outfits. The look that I put together is a causal chic outfit for colder summer days or in the evening. You will be wearing a black tank top, a pair of loose green long shorts, a pair of ballet flats and a brown pull over off the shoulder sweater. The blue earrings will add more vibrant colors for this outfit. A yellow handbag makes you pop even more as well as matching the colors of the whole outfit. This outfit is suitable for women of all ages.


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