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Oh For The Love Of Lemons

Updated on August 19, 2014

So Many Uses For Lemons

With the cost of skincare products rising, I've found myself looking for simple home remedies that not only work, but doesn't kick a hole in my wallet. Let me start by saying, I LOVE Lemons!! When I set out on my journey to find simple homemade alternatives for my skin lemons were my first choice. I'm going to share a few recipes that I have tried that have worked better than anything I've found in the store.

Lemon and Honey Mask

1 half of a lemon


After washing your face, rub the lemon all over your face. With your fingers apply the honey to your face over the lemon. Leave mask on for 10 minutes, rinse off well with warm water.

Lemon and Sake Toner

2 Lemons cut into very small wedges

A small bottle of Sake

1 green tea bag

1 plastic squeeze bottle.

First take the clean plastic bottle and squeeze the juice from the lemons into it and put few of the actual lemon wedges inside the bottle. Next fill the bottle half way with the Sake. Steep the tea bag in a small cup of hot water as if you were making yourself a strong cup of tea. Finally pour the tea into the bottle. Store your toner in the refrigerator and apply with a cotton ball after washing your face

Benefit Cosmetics B.Right! Radiant Skincare By Benefit Intro Kit
Benefit Cosmetics B.Right! Radiant Skincare By Benefit Intro Kit

A great to see if you like the product with breaking the bank


Get Creative

We all are looking for ways to save without feeling like we are giving up the things we enjoy and still have fun at the same time. A great idea would be to have a homemade facial party. Come up with Skincare recipes using simple everyday items you have at home, grab a few friends and have your very own spa day! Each guest can come up with a skincare recipe to share. Get Creative! You never what miracle product you may come up with.

Facial Masks

Healing clay is a must have. It is very versatile and a little bit really does go a long way. Give yourself a full head to toe spa treatment from home anytime you want

Feel free to let me know how my homemade skincare recipes work for you and also share some of your own awesome ideas

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