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oily skin,pimple,acne,rosacea,acne rosacea,enlarged pores and its treatment

Updated on October 29, 2011

Treatment of acne,pimples,acne rosacea and enlarged pores


People with oily skin are always worried about their skin because on such type of skin acne comes very easily but is the best type of skin because wrinkles come after much age.Nose,chin and area near nose is always oily and greasy.It is true that who is having oily skin should be very caring for his/her skin.Proper and regular care is required in order to keep your skin acne free.There are many ways by which you can keep your skin healthy and acne free.Oily skin can be treated by following few ways:


1) Drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day.Take maximum water as much as you can take, water plays a major role in treating skin problems

2) Take fibrous fruits,green vegetables in your regular diet.

3) Wash your face three times a day by any anti-bacterial soap like acnelak ,acnestar etc or use Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser.

4) Avoid oily and spicy food.

5) Always wash your face by any anti-bacterial soap after coming from outside.

6) Before going to sleep wash your face properly by antibacterial soap.

7) If you apply cosmetics then use only oil-free products.

8) Don't touch your face again and again.

9) Don't use those products which consists of alcohol.

10) For cleaning your face when it becomes greasy then dab your face by any cotton cloth or handkey.

11) Use products of neutrogena brand for oily and sensitive skin.


Rosacea is basically a skin disease in which skin becomes reddish in color.At initial stage it is very light in redness till the last stage it become dark red and skin condition becomes very bad.Rosacea cannot be treated from its roots but it can be controlled by following various ways.Patients with such disease have to be diet conscious.There is no medicine which can treat rosacea from its roots.Redness comes and goes itself.


1) Take fibrous fruits,vegetables as much as you can in your diet.

2) Drink maximum water in a day ( 3 to 4 litres )

3) Use anti-oxidant facewash ,cleanser or you can use anti-bacterial soap like acnestar etc.

4) Wash your face 2 to 3 times a day.

5) After washing the face,apply any non-aromatic moisturizer ( go for neutragena product).

6) Don't use any aromatic product.Avoid deo,perfumes,aromatic creams,foundations,powders,face washes etc.Go for only Neutrogena brand because it consists of products which are non-aromatic.

7) Before going outside always apply Neutrogena sunblock for sensitive skin.

8) Don't expose your skin to sun.

9) Avoid oiliness from skin.

10) If you want to go for doctor then go for only homeopathic treatment.It will take time but it will control for sure.

11) Do not use scrubs on skin.


Acne Rosacea is a disease in which skin gets acne with lots of redness.Acne Rosacea can't be removed totally but it can be controlled by many ways.In this, patients stop meeting people ,they stop going out due to their skin condition.Acne Rosacea can't be spread by touching and all.Patients feel itching on their skin and acne appears again and again at same place.


1) Wash face twice or thrice a day.

2) Use antibacterial soap.Avoid aromatic products.

3) Apply non-aromatic moisturizer after washing your face.

4) Before going out , apply sun block properly.

5) Avoid tea,cofee,alcohol .

6) Avoid too much spicy food.

7) Take 3 to 4 litres of water a day

8) Eat fibrous fruits,green vegetables as much as you can.

9) Go for homeopathic treatment ,it will take time but will help a lot in controlling this disease.Go for Dr. Batra homeopathic treatment.

10) Do not take facials and do not use scrubs.


Enlarged pores on skin makes skin look bad.Enlarged pores occur due to many reasons like collection of dirt,oil,use of improper procucts.These can be treated and size can be minimized.


1) Use astringents but for oily skin avoid astringent with alcohol.

2) Apply natural aloe vera gel on enlarged pores.

3) Wash face at least twice a day in order to keep skin oil free.


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      sachin verma 18 months ago

      Very bad aknelak cl z cream se koi fayda nhi hua mujhe

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      selvi 20 months ago

      thank you so much

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      I have my pimples in my face whatvi do

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      sumit 3 years ago

      i have a pores problem and sure ur advice will help me thanks

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      Ramij 4 years ago

      NICE SHOP...........

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      Great one.Being a teenager,I know how it feels while suffering from diseases like acne.I got encouraged from this hub and tried few things explained here.I got good results as well.Thanks a lot for sharing :)


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      Pankaj Joshi 6 years ago

      Yes very nice

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      pramod 6 years ago

      me 2 have a problem of oily skin....

      hope this will help me!

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