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Comprehensive care guide for excessive oily / combination / pimples prone skin types

Updated on June 2, 2012
Acne is a common problem for those with oily skin.
Acne is a common problem for those with oily skin.

Oily / combination skin types are probably the worst when it comes to daily maintenance. While a lot of people have some problems with their skin, those that have excessive oily skin tend to have lots of problems associated with excessive oil production. Combination skin is very close to oily skin and creates less problems compared to a truly oily skin. However, those with oily / combination skin types tend to age well because they won't get any wrinkles until many years down the road. This hub is all about proper skin care for those that have oily / combination skin types.

Wash your face twice a day only – People that have oily / combination skin types want to wash their faces whenever they feel oily. By washing it excessively, you are striping the skin of their natural oils. Oily / combination skin will respond by producing even more oil. It is fairly common for those with oily skin to get acne but excessive washing exacerbates the problem even more. You should keep the skin clean by washing it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Use lukewarm water – Cold water is not suitable for oily skin because it will shrink the pores and seal dirt and oil inside the skin. Oily skin tends to have lots of dirt and oil that needs to be cleaned out twice a day. If it is sealed inside, it will result in more pimples. Lukewarm water is the best choice for washing oily / combination skin types. If you have active acne on the skin, it is very important to be very gentle. When the acne gets more irritated because of rough scrubbing, it tends to linger on the face even longer.

Use a face wash designed for oily skin – Those that have oily skin must choose a face wash especially designed for them. For a teenager, face washes sold in retail stores like Target and Wal-mart are suitable. As you get older, it is better to find a face wash designed for adult oily skin which can be bought at major cosmetic counters in the mall.

Use a very light moisturizer – A lot of women that have oily or combination skin types tend to refuse moisturizer. However, a very light moisturizer that is designed for oily / combination skin types can work wonders. It tends to put a little bit moisture back into the skin and balance oily / combination skin. The result is less oil production.

Primer that control oil production – For those that are using makeup, it is important to find a good oil control primer to use underneath all the makeup. It acts as a barrier to shield the skin and also helps control oil production. It can actually lessen the amount of oil produced by your skin.

Environmental factors can worsen oily skin – Certain environmental factors such as high heat and low humidity can contribute to more oil production and acne. Dry and heat is the worst for my skin because it tends to make my skin produce even more oil to compensate for the dry weather. It is good for those with oily skin to stay in areas that is cool and moist. It tends to balance out the skin and you will get less pimples.


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    • ausis profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      Most of my life ive had chemical sensitivties I didn't realize I had been having problems with oily & dry skin as you say just recently I have had moron neighbors being stupid with chemicals pumping them into our house and yard. This has increased the problem dramatically I am now following your advice so will see how it goes good so far THANKS for sharing

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens providing useful information.I like this very much.I found it very interesting as well.Oily skin has been a problem for me.Thanks a lot for sharing this :)



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