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Poems About Hair, Glorious Hair

Updated on October 9, 2014

Hair Glorious Hair - Verses of Praise and Humor

Hair is glorious. Below are original poems that I've written about hair. There is so much material to inspire me. I hope you enjoy Hair Glorious Hair through my original poetry.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairladyah) Reprint with permission

Poems about Hair in this Hub

* Hair, Your Gifted Crown

* The Going Styles

* I Want Long Hair

* A Wedding Hair Style

* How Silken Is Thy Hair

The Coolest Braid Designs by Abby Smith - learn how to braid hair beautifully

This book has great updated styles for braiding your hair

The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle

Hair, Your Gifted Crown

Whether short or long

There's no right or wrong

Whether blond or brown

Worn up or down

Hair is your gifted crown

The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook: Everyday Hairstyles for the Everyday Girl

The Going Styles

Long hair, short hair, emo hair, scene hair

How would you like your style to be?

With orange spikes, some people will stare

Maybe a chignon; sophisticated, fancy

Or perhaps a half-updo like Sarah Palin

Or like Brittney Spears which changes often

Or guys in a long, wet surfer cut for sailin'

Or just something you'll look sexy & soft in

I Want Long Hair

Always wanted a yard of hair down my back

Like the Asian girls, long, shiny, black

But alas, I wasn't blessed with such hair

So, sure as shootin' I'll keep what's there

I won't ever go short and blue

I'll wear a ponytail til I'm through

This Video Offers 10 Quick Everyday Styles for Long and Medium Hair

A Wedding Hair Style

A wedding hair style is a special once in a lifetime do

Especially if you're the bride, everyone's staring at you

Get it styled in a way where you feel especially pretty

But your hair must complement your gown, else it may be witty

If you have a hair adornment, like a tiara or a comb

Be certain that it all looks right before you leave your home

And finally, I need to mention something of import

You'll likely be undoing your do at your honeymoon resort

How Do You Like Your Hair

woman with red hair
woman with red hair

How Silken is Thy Hair

How silken is thy hair

And lovely thy disguise

To make thou more fair

When it covereth thine eyes

How lovely is thy face

Framed rightly by these strands

Bestowed with ethereal grace

True loving it demands

How flaxen in the sun

A-shimmer for all to see

Know thee that I am the one

To braid it tight for thee

How Do You Like Your Hair?

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      shellxx 7 years ago

      Anyone have any feedback either by use on which of these products or brands are best fordamaged hair? ... its so hard to find info!

      (This was recommended .. has anyone tried this this brand ?)