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Poems about Silver and Gold

Updated on September 12, 2014

Impressions of Silver and Gold Through Gift Ideas and Poetry

Silver and Gold inspire beautiful works of jewelry, art, music, coinage, collectibles and poetry. Please enjoy browsing through the silver and gold gift items and the original poetry you see below.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

Beauteous Metals

Beauteous metals from the depths of the Earth

Golden rings for Marriage, silver spoons at Birth

Invest in these metals for security & pleasure

Let them be part of your nest egg treasure

Have Fun with Metal Detectors

Find coins and other lost metal items - A fun hobby!

In This Economy Uncertain

When the economy is so uncertain

You can't trust the man behind the curtain

Precious metals can be your hedge

To buffet your fall from this precipitous ledge

Whether platinum or silver or gold

Put extra cash into these investments of old

It should hold its value and be fairly secure

While it may be a tonic; it won't be a cure

"Coin" Jewelry - Pretty jewelry with the look of dangling coins

From Deep in the Earth

Silver and gold from deep in the earth

You can touch, feel and know their worth

Mined for millennia, for coins and art

A favorite of jewelers from the start

Beautiful and forever lasting metals

Go drop some in the holiday kettles

I Have a Golden Wedding Band

I have a golden wedding band

My husband has one too

That's about all the gold on hand

We need some more; we're overdue

American Eagles would be neat

Some Krugerrands for show

Vienna Philharmonics to be complete

And golden nuggets sure would go

Burl Ives Silver and Gold - A Classic Christmas Song

Includes the Best and Most Favorite of Burl Ives Christmas Songs including Silver and Gold

Dress Up in Sterling Silver Jewels

Dress up in sterling silver jewels

No need to follow particular rules

They're not too costly for looking fine

When you're going out to dine

Or for every day with business attire

Every wardrobe does some silver require

Look for the Silver Lining

Look for the Silver Lining

Be it Cloudy or Shining

You'll have a Better Life

Where Hope is Rife

Polish the Silver

Polish the silver would you dear

One hundred guests are coming here

They'll drink our wine and eat our grouse

And dance the waltz in our fine house

Polish the silver for tonight

I would that it gleam by candle light

The forks and knives and spoons need care

Get the divots in the markings there

Polish the silver platters please

The soup tureens; don't take your ease

I expect to see my own reflection

I'm counting on you for perfection

Adorn Your Table with Sterling Silver Flatware

This set with 4 place settings is within most folks' budget and is quite beautiful.

How to Polish Silver

You've Taken a Golden Opportunity to Visit

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the Golden delights and the Silver linings! :)

    • norma-holt profile image


      8 years ago

      Very talented writer and creator. Featured this on Mindless Matter. Such a well done lens.


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