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Use Mary Kay Products - But Know Where To Buy!

Updated on May 10, 2015

Buying from a Mary Kay Consultant

Mary Kay Beauty products are well known all over the world. The have a great, successful concept of selling their high quality products only from some Mary Kay consultant.

Isn't that okay, than? Yes it is very good, because you get personal help and advice with your makeup if you attend a Mary Kay party (or class as they call it). They will teach you how to take care of your skin, nails etc and you will get a lot of help when it comes to make up and finding your colors and things like that. A Mary Kay consultant is educated and knows her products.


Well, why should we not buy the products than?

As you understand - it is not because it is a bad concept or bad products. Mary Kay trademark have high quality standard and deliver high quality products to their costumers.

It is only one thing!

They are very expensive! High quality cost and so does the service you get from the classes and the Mary Kay consultants. And that is okay if you have money. But if you are on a tight budget I guess you feel like me. Even if I want these great beauty products it feels awkward to put all that money on my face! There are other things in my life that also are important!

So are there any solution?


Because of the way of selling through classes and a Mary Kay consultant, a lot of woman around the world are buying Mary Kay products by impulse or maybe because of pressure from others. You know the situation; everyone is buying except me, and the consultants have a way of telling me my great need for this, so it suddenly looks absolutely necessary for me to buy. But when the bill arrives I realize that I can't afford it, and what do I do then? One way many people solve the problem is to sell it on EBay and other auction sites!

Other reasons for people to sell their Mary Kay products are because they never use it! They found out that they never needed this lotion, or they did not like the color of the lipstick, so they sell it! So they put it on EBay as Mary Kay products on sale!

How do I know this? Because I have done it myself! I have been on classes and I have had a couple of Mary Kay consultant meetings, and I ended up buying things I did not want and did not use, but I bought it because the consultant was a friend of mine and I wanted to be nice to her! And I got myself I trouble!

You know how it is, you want to be polite and you want to buy just to show you are interested in her products and so on. It is very easy to buy not because you want it, but because you feel that you should. And of course that is a part of the whole plan of not selling the product in the shops, but woman to woman. Smart, smart concept.

I fell for this tactic and got caught! To make along story short I ended up buying a whole kit of eye shadow, rouge, lipstick etc. It cost me almost 150 dollars! Huh! I could absolutely not afford that. But, because I wanted to be nice to my friend Mrs. Mary Kay consultant, I did it. I knew her personal story and knew her family was struggling with the economy and I fell for the pressure. Stupid? Maybe, but at least at this time my intentions were good.

A year later I invited her to my house to help one friend of mine that visited me, and she asked me about the product I bought a year ago. (You know - it is all filed…) I went to the bathroom and showed her the products…and I had not even unpacked the kit! It was still there with the plastic covers, not even tried once!

I was a little embarrassed and told her: I am not that interested, actually. I just fell for the pressure to buy on your Mary Kay party!

Well, I am not alone. I have other friends that have done the same thing.

So, what did I do? Instead of letting those product just be left there in my bathroom, I sold them on EBay! I did not get all of the money back of course, but some!

This can be one reason why you are able to find high quality Mary Kay products on sale on Ebay. You can get them for only some bucks instead hundreds! And of course there are other reasons also.

So what to do when I am on a budget?

If you are on a budget but still would like those high quality products; go to EBay or Amazon and buy your high quality Mary Kay product there. Of course, not all of the products are available all the time, but they will show up sooner or later. Yes, you will miss the personal Mary Kay consultant touch that is one great advantage with Mary Kay, but remember, that is also the part that cost you almost an arm and a leg sometimes!

Today, when I wrote this, I checked out what Mary Kay product they had on EBay, and did you know, I found one of the most popular products called Satin Hands on sale for; guess what: 2:99 bucks, closing minute!

So, if you are on a budget, you can still but high quality Mary Kay products, and if you can afford it; find a Mary Kay consultant!


Mary Kay Age-Fighting Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin FULL SIZE

This age-fighting moisturizer is a classical Mary Kay product. According to the many reviews on Amazon people have been buying this cream for years. They love it and are very satisfied with this product. It makes the skin feel smooth and soft. One husband who bought this product says that his wife loves this product, and he has learned to say: whatever you want; baby!

One review tells about how some ones wife has used it and it has removed all her wrinkles and also the liver spots.

There are times when people want to buy this Age-Fighting Moisturizer, but their Mary Kay cosmetics consultants was not selling it any longer. That is one other reason for us to buy in other places than the Mary Kay classes, such as Amazon or EBay. The Mary Kay cosmetics consultants can not always have all the products available all the time, so be aware of this opportunity to get quality make up products.

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    • profile image

      Becky 7 months ago

      Please be aware that if you chose this option you do not get the guarantee that comes with the products. Every consultant will happily give you a full refund if you ask. The company backs the products. However, buying them from and illegal source like eBay or Amazon gives you now recourse if you get expired product. Average cost of using the products is a dollar a day. You spend more than that on a cup of coffee.