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Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi

Updated on August 8, 2013

An Iconic Classic the Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look on my lens dedicated to the ultra popular Asics Tai Chi.

This lens will highlight the absolutely amazing Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi. I will just give a brief overview of the shoe, as well as highlighting some pretty cool facts about it. Ever wondered where you have seen it before? Well I will also give a little history of the shoe and you will be surprised which famous people have had these on their feet.

So take some time and read through and tell me what you think.

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi Review

Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese company that has an extremely popular sub-brand of Asics. They make a variety of sneakers, that many people deem “classics”, simply because they have a timeless look and have been around and popular for decades.

One of the company’s most famous shoes is the Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi.  This is an iconic sneaker and it is best known for being on the feet of Bruce Lee & Uma Thurman, as they starred in the movies Game of Death and Kill Bill.

The Tai Chi, gets its name from Taijuquan, which is known for its elegant movements, as well as its effectiveness at reliving stress from the body and mind.

With this shoe, you are getting a sneaker that is fun to own and excellent to move around in. The uppers are made out of leather and this makes them very flexible and your feet will have a lot of freedom and movement. Aside from that, the cushioning makes them extremely comfortable and you can wear them and be assured of lasting support and comfort. They are also pretty lightweight, as they only come in weighing 8 oz. The Tai Chi’s are also shoes that will not fall apart when you wear them, as they are extremely durable.

One of the main standouts of the shoe is that they are extremely stylish. There is a reason why they have been around for so long. They look absolutely amazing on the feet and honestly, you cannot go wrong wearing a pair of these shoes. Whether you are wearing them to run around in workout, or just want to go about town casually in them, they are an excellent choice. You will find that the most popular color option is the yellow and black (thanks to Bruce Lee and Kill Bill), but the other color options such as white or black/red really add something different to the mix. If you want stylish footwear, then these are some go to shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi & Kill Bill

The Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi saw resurgence in its popularity after it was famously worn by Uma Thurman in the 2003 movie, Kill Bill. Once this movie came out, people have bought up these shoes in droves, especially the yellow and black colorways. Many people found it genius that that these shoes were the ideal match for Uma in the movie, but what many did not know, is that the whole get up that Uma Thurman wears in the movie is actually a tribute to Bruce Lee (Discussed below).

Kill Bill really pushed these shoes back into the mainstream and it is good that the younger generation has the ability to appreciate such awesome classic footwear.

I will provide a video below showing the Tai Chi in action during Kill Bill.

Famous Kill Bill Fight Scene With Uma Thurman in the Tai Chi's

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi & Bruce Lee

The resurgence in popularity of the Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Tai Chi can be attributed to the hugely successful and cult classic film, Kill Bill, however it was actually a tribute to the Bruce Lee masterpiece, Game of Death.

In the movie, in some of the most popular fight scenes, Bruce Lee can be seen wearing the shoes, as well as the iconic yellow jumpsuit.

It is said that Bruce Lee chose the Tai Chis as his go to martial arts shoes, as they were easy to move around in and worked perfectly with the martial arts he was doing. Because of this, you will find that a lot of people who are into the martial arts will wear these shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi Bruce Lee Limited Edition

While you can get regular yellow and black Tai Chi, Onitsuka Tiger decided to release the classic Bruce Lee shoes that were worn in the movie. The release of these shoes was an ode to one of the best martial artists to ever live. When released, only a limited amount of a hundred sneakers were available.

These shoes are pretty amazing, as they feature some really cool detailing. Aside, from being available in the iconic yellow and black, the shoe features the signature of Bruce Lee on the right heel. On the left heel, there is Chinese writing for the word dragon. Each shoe also had an individual number printed on it.

While these were released a while back, you can still get them on ebay, but you will have to pay a pretty penny for them.

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      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Cool shoe! Am I overlooking a link?