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The Basic Rules of Opal Jewelry Care

Updated on April 23, 2013

Opal Care Tips

Opal gems are very rare and extremely beautiful! If you had an opal jewelry once, you probably have more by now, because we just can’t stand to collect them. They are really special, you can’t mix them up with any other gems, thanks to their unique outlook, colors and shine. Either if you possess some opal pendants, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or you plan to buy one, it’s really important that you’re well informed about these gems’ special and right care.

Before I share you my suggestions as a jewelry maker and designer at SezanJewellery,, how to take care of your opal jewelry, let me tell you the reason why we should give more attention to these gemstones, than to the other ones.

The opal gem is a barnch of the quartz group and gets its marvelous shine and sparkle from its high water content. An opal contains as much as 5-10% water! That’s why you see and feel these gems as they were moisty and living for the first sight. That’s how they look like in their original, ’healthy’ form.

What this high water content means? That the gem can also loose this moist, which causes its dehydration. Yes, this gemstone can lose its perfect shine and sparkle, and may become mat. It can also loose its colors, which gives the essence of these beautiful quartz stones. It means that we really have to pay close attention to the right care of them. I let you know how, in 4 main points.

1st care tip

Opals and darkness

Opals come from the moisty, dark areas of our wonderful Earth. They’re bounded to their origins, so they like to be kept in the dark, in their future life, as jewelry too. Our first step in order to keep our opal’s shine and vividness, is to keep it in a dark place, when we don’t wear it. Keep your opal jewelry in a jewelry box, to maintain its sparkle. The more humid the opal’s place is, the better it will feel itself. Don’t forget, that these gemstones are really alive, that’s why they can effect our health and mental state in a positive way.

2nd care tip

Opals and direct sunlight

If you are wearing your opal jewelry frequently, and you have paid attention to the changes of it, you’ve probably noticed, that it has lost some shine over time. It happens, because opals are very sensitive to the direct sunlight. We can understand why, if we have read the 1st tip already. In direct sunlight, the stone starts to loose its water content, and dries out! Taking into consideration this fact, avoid wearing your opal jewelry if you stay long and often in the sun. Don’t wear it when you go to a bath or aqua-park, because not only the sunlight, but the chemicals in the water can cause the matting effect too. It is also a really good advice for you if you wear opals, and for us, who sells them, not to keep these jewelries in a shop window, or in an area where it always gets direct sunlight.

3rd care tip

Opals and soap

In order to keep your opal gemstone healthy, avoid chemicals to touch it. It means that if you wear an opal ring, take it off every time, when you do dishwashing or cleaning. They are very sensitive to soap and other cleaning chemicals, which can make them to become mat in a minute. These chemicals are really harmful and can damage your opal forever. You can’t help your jewelry any more. This effect occurs, because the soap is alkalescent, and reacts to the water content of the stone. So please take your opal jewelries off, even when you go to take a shower, or bath, because your shower and bath gels also contain some soap.

4th care tip

What to do if the damage has already occurred?

If you have noticed that your opal gemstone in your jewelry looses water, gets mat and doesn’t shine as beautiful as it did before, than you still can make some effort to help it! We know now, that when the damage occurs, our stone loses some water. If we realized it in time, we can change the process with a really simple method. Simply put your opal in a glass of water, or milk for a night, in order to let it get back its water content! Yes! It can get back its shine, and live again, if we hydrate it. Like we can hydrate our skin, we can hydrate our opal too. The opal absorbs the liquid and gets healthy again, for our happiness!

You can hydrate your opal time after time, in order to prevent damages too. If you follow these 4 simple care tips, you will see how your opal jewelry will thank you for your care. It will shine on you vividly, enhancing your true beauty and kindness!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Maintain the excellent job mate. This web blog publish shows how well you comprehend and know this subject. ggefeeeeeeag

    • profile image

      Tori Lynnea 

      4 years ago

      My claddagh ring has an opal stone in it and this is SO helpful and i cant thank the person who posted this enough for posting it! I want to keep my ring bright and shiney! I did just get it after all ;)

    • profile image

      Candice Harding 

      4 years ago

      Super helpful! My engagement ring is an opal. I was warned by all the jewelers we went to that it was a difficult stone to take care of because it's so soft, but I had my heart set on it. The ring is custom and I want to make sure it stays as beautiful as it is now for a long time.

      Candice Harding


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