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Orange is the new grey! Henna for your hair

Updated on August 18, 2013

Grey hair doesn't need to be a sign of growing older; I prefer an orange sunset....I think...

I am just reaching the age where I am thinking about changing my hair. It's starting to go grey. I always pictured myself as an old person with a long grey braid, but now that that time is nigh, I wonder if that's still what I want (ie: I currently have a pink stripe in my hair!).

My Irish side wants to keep my natural orange highlights that glint so nicely in the sun - forever! But another side of me asks, does it matter what colour my hair is?

So, obviously I am undecided, but I did purchase two bars of Henna from Lush, and they have been sitting in my bathroom cupboard for nearly two years while I wait, watch and decide; because if I do anything at all, it will be with the only natural hair dye - henna.

(Photo courtesy Creative Commons

I saw somebody write on Facebook the other day; - "Why are there suddenly so many women with red hair?"

Simple: I think the aging population are using the healthy dye alternative - henna!

It saves money, time and puts you in charge.

Test, test, test before you begin!

Everybody's hair is different! You may have grey, or not, your hair may be dry, or not, or it may have been previously chemically treated.

These are all reasons to do a strand test before you begin! It is also wise to do this to test for allergy. So go ahead and make a small batch and test on either a snip of hair, or in an hidden place on your head.

Henna can turn some hair very bright and unwanted colours, so test, test, test!

This chart shows how the henna is absorbed into grey hair

Please click the photo for more information

All about treating your hair with henna - This is a complete 'how-to'

I love Loepsie's videos - she explains things very clearly and tries everything herself so you can watch her do it.

This is the best video to learn all about henna for your hair! She also talks about purchasing products that are not authentic henna, so do watch this first!

A walk through the process

For the 'head wrap'

Glad Cling Plastic Wrap, 400-sq ft Roll 2PK
Glad Cling Plastic Wrap, 400-sq ft Roll 2PK

I use name brand plastic wrap when I do use it for anything, because I have never found a non- name brand product as good.


Gray hairs seem to my fancy like the soft light of the moon, silvering over the evening of life.

— Jean Paul

You will thank me! - Trust me on this

I have in the distant past, dyed my hair a few times, most often to get my regular colour back after playing too much with 'sun lightening' products when I was younger! And along with old clothes, old towels and rubber gloves, any kind of massage bar will be a life saver.

You need to rub it all around your hair line and ears so you want get any dye on your immediate skin! I am sure you would prefer not having an orange forehead! ( you can of course use Vasaline, but these smell much nicer!)

You're welcome.

Why do we colour our hair? - And my dilemma

Wearing make-up, body paint, tattoos, any adornment including hair colouring goes back centuries. The use of henna alone for covering grey goes back at least to the ancient Egyptians. There have been many reasons people and cultures do these things, but in our culture today it is mainly done for one reason and that is to look younger; because being young and staying young has become a great focus in our society.

I grew up in a time where when you hit a certain age, you did certain things. There were 'milestones' associated with ages. You go to school, you get married, have children and when you start getting grey hair, you colour it pronto pronto!

But I am afraid I was always a rebel. I questioned everyone of those milestones and did not follow them at all! I was a tomboy as well, so did not fall in with the make-up crowd at high school, never too concerned with my looks and so I don't know if I will cover up my grey either.

It is a big decision. I am weighing social norms against what I want. Some of my greatest heroes are beautifully grey, will I follow in their footsteps? Or will I use the henna I have purchased and have my natural colour longer?

I guess time will tell, but I promise to update you when I decide!

Colour or grey?

(photo courtesy of Damien Roué on Flickr - Creative Commons)

Ok both men and women, what will you do?

See results

This is an amazing documentary film about hair

Have you dyed your hair before? - How did it turn out? Have you used henna?

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