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original baby gifts

Updated on April 4, 2012

Be original when you buy a baby Gift

If someone close to you has recently had a bundle of joy and you want to get the perfect gift for them, why not consider an original and fun baby gift. Baby Themed Clothing is now very popular and will be the most original gift you can give, the most popular gifts are usually the same items of pink frilly dresses for girls, blue romper suits for boys or a baby keepsake. If you want your gift to stand out from the rest why not try one of these delightful and fun outfits that the parents will enjoy dressing their child in and they will be able to keep fun pictures of their baby ready to embarass them later in life!

Astronaut Baby Grow
Astronaut Baby Grow | Source

Boys Baby Gift Ideas

Astronaut Baby Grow

This beautiful baby grow is really fun and cool and great for outerspace situations! A very entertaining outfit which everyone will love, its designed first and foremost with the baby's comfort in mind and looks stunning on the baby!

Pirate Baby Grow

Pirate Pyjamas
Pirate Pyjamas | Source

Pirate Baby Grow

Turn your baby into Captain Jack Sparrow for the day! This cool little outfit will be popular with adults and children, with Jake and the neverland pirates becoming very popular, everyone will love this little outfit and the baby will look great in pictures!

This selection of designs above and more can be found at The Kings of the House website

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Are you looking for fun and original baby gift ideas?

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    • profile image

      Sophie 5 years ago

      Uooo awesome post, Thanks Catherine, i didn't know the Brand before and i love it...