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original hinoki wood japanese bath tubs for soaking and aromatherapy

Updated on February 14, 2010

top ofuro photos

hinoki tub with duckboard and accessories
hinoki tub with duckboard and accessories
japanese tub manufacture process
japanese tub manufacture process

remodeling idea for your bathroom

I was not surprised that also Tom Cruise in the "last Samurai" fell in love with the japanese ritual of bathing, soaking and soothing the body in hot water.

Actually I hear this story all the time, of westerners who visit japan for leisure or business entering reluctantly in an onsen (hot spa) and returning home with the addiction for hot tubs. Soaking is actually so obvious, so natural, it fills up the gap that modern life creates in our lives.

Like the "tea ceremony" or the "ikebana" (flower arrangement) or the sushi, what strikes us westerners is the poetic simplicity and pure beauty of this ritual. Entering in a japanese ofuro (hot tub) is a regenerating experience for both the body and mind and you are never going to forget the first time.

First of all, soaking in 42-43 C (107-109 F) hot water improves blood circulation, skin idratation and the expulsion of toxines from the body. The steam and flowing water originate negative ions with have direct anti-aging effect and are beneficial for relaxing the mind.

There are different types of japanese baths: from the hot springs where you bathe in natural ponds, to modern ceramic or acryl tubs equipped with recirculating systems. A tub relatively unknown in the west is the wooden tub, which combines the advantages of being compact and built with natural material. A wooden bathtub has high thermal insulation and soft touch, moreover it generates a soothing cedar aroma when filled with hot water.

I read often of so called "japanese tubs" built with inappropriate woods, using mitered joints or other faulty details which will cause poor performance and leaks. I decided to write this short stub to stand up about this point: even if they are becoming trendy, do not mess up with japanese tubs. Please. Some people may like sushi, some people may prefer a steak, but do not say that a steak is a kind of sushi, otherwise communication will lose its effectiveness.

I think that there are many types of deep soaking tubs, many types of ofuro-style tubs etc. Anyway we should be more precise when we talk about a "japanese tub". First of all, japanese tubs are made in Japan. (aka: Chinese tubs are made in China or american tubs are made in the US). If they are made in wood, they should use only coniferous wood (not teak, mahogany etc.). Then these tubs should be handmade, using techniques of wood joinery derived from traditional ship building. Only these details developed during the centuries guarantee performance, durability and genuinuity.

You can find more about japanese wooden tubs from our homepage:

If you are looking for hinoki bath accessories visit our accessories page and purchase with paypal.

or other fine japanese makers such as Hinoki Soken:

If you want to see bathroom designs created with a Japanese theme, see how the tubs are made, and find other information on Japanese soaking tubs visit

japanese tubs photos

round ofuro in hinoki wood
round ofuro in hinoki wood
japanese tub for soaking
japanese tub for soaking
hinoki bathtub and accessories
hinoki bathtub and accessories
compact size wooden tub with cover
compact size wooden tub with cover
poetic hinoki tub installed in italy
poetic hinoki tub installed in italy
large size knotty hinoki spa - fits 6
large size knotty hinoki spa - fits 6
mellow colored wooden japanese hot tub
mellow colored wooden japanese hot tub

the ideal bathtub

which material is the bathtub of your dreams?

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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      Very nice! Great man!


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Dear Brett

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am also in deep love with this materials, traditions, inner beauty.

      That`s why I feel the urge to transmit this bath culture to other fellow foreigners who share the same interest about authentic things.

    • profile image

      Bathtub Review 

      7 years ago

      Those bathtubs are amazing! They look authentic and stylish. I’ve always wanted a Japanese bathtub after I experienced one when I did a trip to Fukui in Japan last year. They have great aromatherapy properties and are unbelievable soothing.



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