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Owl Handbags: fine purses and more for the Owl lover

Updated on August 12, 2014

Whoooo are you to judge these fine owl bags?

My wife is a huge fan of owls, and she loves getting different purses and handbags.

It seems that each and every Christmas, birthday, valentines day and anniversary I am getting ger some different form of owl doodads for the house, and at least once a year an owl handbag.

There are a lot more of these than you might think, and many of them are quite cute. While I am not personally a huge fan of owl's and owl stuff, there are a few that I really appreciate and think look pretty nifty.

This year I am going to share with you a few of the owl handbags as well as the one that I finally chose for my wife this year at the end. If you are a fan of Aves Strigiformes (The "basic" owl scientific name), then hopefully you will also enjoy some of these great looking purses and whatnot.

Best Owl Handbags
Best Owl Handbags

Above is a picture of the owl handbag I got for my wife last year.

She just loves this one, and I have to admit that I am partial to it also. This bag is just a little bit smaller than the height of a standard magazine, measuring in at 7.5'' x 8.3'' x 2.6'' with a 53" strap.

Since I bought one of these for my wife last year, she has used it fairly often and it has seemed to hold up fairly well to a lot of use. This is a cute owl shoulder bag, but it is also sturdy and built to last. Hopefully she she have this bag for quite a few more years to come.

==>>My wife's favorite owl handbag

Owl shoulder bags

If you are looking for some larger shoulderbags. Here are a few choices that I think you might enjoy. Other option larger options.

Felt tote bags
Felt tote bags

Owl tote bags

Tote bags are very popular ways to have a lot of different cool images, including, of course, quite a few available with nifty owl images.

To the right, you see one of my personal favorite owl tote's. I like the felt work on this simple tote. I hope that you will too!

==>>Owl Tote

See some more Owl totes

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