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Advantages of Using Pageant Resale Sites

Updated on February 22, 2016

A Little Background To Start Off..

The days where beauty pageants used to cost an arm and a leg, although not that long ago, have gone by thanks to the great pageant resale options that are out there today. I remember distinctively spending in the thousands on both my girl’s pageant dresses, just to watch them get minimal use and then demoted to the dark corners of a pre-teen’s closet. Don’t get me wrong, the gowns were worth every penny that moment I got to see my beautiful babies shimmer across the stage in them, but I knew there had to be a better way to navigate through all of the expenses that came with competing in a beauty pageant.

I Explored All My Options..

I did my homework and quickly realized that there is a better way to go about competing in a pageant for less than the normal amount family’s usually spend on their little princess’s pageant dress; it was the array of pageant resale options that I had no idea even existed. These pageant resale options I found consisted of some of the most gorgeous gowns from designers such as Tony Bowls, Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Le Femme to name a few. I was literally floored when I saw the exact same Jovani dress that I had just bought for one of my girls on a pageant consignment site for almost eighty percent off retail price, and the seller’s description read “only wore for a total of 45 minutes.” I felt the worse buyer’s remorse at that very moment, but it was in this moment of clarity that I made a pact to myself that I would never fall prey to the high designer evening gown prices that usually go hand in hand when competing in a beauty pageant.

Miss Universe Denmark Pageant Costume

If you're lucky you might find a pageant costume as nice as this one!
If you're lucky you might find a pageant costume as nice as this one!

Looking Ahead Towards the Future..

I knew that my girls still had about another decade to compete in pageants so that would mean another ten years of me paying almost a thousand dollars per year per dress. I was looking at twenty grand ahead of me just in pageant dresses. Thankfully I don’t have to take that long regretful road of wasting my hard earned money since there are many pageant dress resale listings being posted up every day. Not only am I as happy as a clam for not having to spend any more money than I need to on pageant gowns, but now my girls get to pick out dresses that I would never be able to afford at retail value. My one daughter, Emily, just got a Mac Duggal pageant dress that retailed for over four thousand dollars but only cost me four hundred thanks to pageant resale. The best part of buying this beautiful dress for my daughter is that it was a purchase that we both were smiling about. I honestly can’t believe that some pageant moms out there still buy dresses at full retail price. There really is no excuse to waste money on full retail pageant dresses when there are numerous options available at much cheaper prices. The benefits are clear once you browse pageant resale sites.

Pageant Dresses

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