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Does Palmer's Fade Cream Work?

Updated on April 20, 2016

Is Palmer's Fade Cream A Good Choice For Getting Rid Of Dark Spots?

Anyone that has ever experienced having scars, freckles or dark patches on their face, neck and body knows how self-conscience they make you feel. Every spot seems to become magnified in your mind. You are sure that everyone that looks at you can notice these ugly scars and all you want to do is get rid of them quickly.

That's when you decide to look into using a fading cream to speed along this process.

When it comes to getting rid of dark spots Palmer's fade cream has been a popular product for many years.

But does it work?

So How Does Palmer's Work?

Palmer's is a brand that is normally associated with skincare products that cleanse and moisturize the body. While their skin lightening line is not quite as popular as their moisturizers, they are still sought out by women of all backgrounds. People that suffer from acne scars are probably the heaviest users of Palmer's face cream products. That’s because these products are very affordable and easy to find online or at the local store.

This product is designed to specifically lighten dark skin discolorations and pigmentation over a period of time. If you are expecting it to work miracles to lighten the skin drastically, look elsewhere. Basically, this is a heavy cream formulation that contains mineral oil, alcohol, paraben, 2% Hydroquinone and 3% Octyl Salicylate, which are the main active ingredients. A reviewer stated that it feels waxy when rubbed into the skin.

As far as the effectiveness of Palmer's fade cream, if you have patience to wait for results many people find that it does lighten their acne scars or dark spots. The extent to which these spots will fade seems to depend on the individual. There are too many variables and individual skin reactions to come up with any guarantees.

Palmer's recommends that this cream be applied to the affected areas two times per day for at least four weeks to see best results. Again, whether it works for you or not depends on many factors. Because it has been around so long, Palmer's fade cream has proven to work for enough people to still be on the market. However, due to its rather old-fashioned ingredients we cannot say that it is the best fade cream available.

The fact is that Palmer's fade cream still contains hydroquinone, which is a bleaching chemical that has been found to be carcinogenic. This cream also contains other chemicals that have been linked to warnings about cancer and other health issues. While many women are not concerned about this at all, a lot of other people would avoid this product based on this information alone.

Another area of concern is skin irritation. Some reviewers found that this cream caused them to experience severe skin breakouts, itchiness and redness. Therefore, if you have very sensitive skin this may not be a good choice for you.

Overall, Palmer's fade cream is an inexpensive way to achieve even toned skin after use on minor skin discolorations. However, it probably should not be used for a long period of time due to the harsh chemical agents it contains.

Here's One Woman's Review

What's Been Your Experience?

Have You Had Any Success With A Fade Cream?

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      5 years ago

      I've heard this can work really well with dark age spots.


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