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Pandora Style Birthstone Charms January

Updated on April 11, 2013

Pandora Style Birthday Charms For January

Pandora Charms If you need a girl's birthday gift for a January birthday take a look at Pandora charms and charm bracelets, and the other slide on style charms from Pugster, Biagi, Troll and Chamilia. If you are looking for a January birthstone charm or slide bead you will need to start with a garnet. That pretty red stone your thinking about right now also comes in other colors including green, yellow and orange.

Besides being known as January's birthstone it is also Connecticut's state mineral, the official gemstone of New York and the star garnet is known as Idaho's state gemstone.Here are some great birthday gift ideas that any January birthday girl will love! The photo is from Amazon and that beautiful charm can be found on this page.

Happy January Birthday Gift Ideas

My daughter's birthday is in January and I need a gift that will thrill her. I think a Pandora birthstone charm will do the trick. She has a beautiful bracelet that is Pandora compatible and she loves the little slide beads and charms that fit it. I like this beautiful .925 sterling silver with garnet red Swarovski Crystal spacer bead and it's compatible with Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, and Biagi beads and bracelets.

Large Size Garnet Red Heart Cz Dangle Charm Bead

Compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Kay, And Troll Bracelets

Really love her? Then here's the perfect charm for that girl! This beautiful large garnet red heart dangle charm bead will look fabulous on any Pandora compatible bracelet. What a great birthday present, Valentine's Day gift, or holiday gift idea for the lady in your life who likes to open Pandora's box.

Pugster January Birthstone Gorgeous European Beads

This Charm Bead Fits Pandora Charm Bracelets

The girls and women I know all love Pandora charms and charm bracelets. That makes buying a gift very simple. I know exactly where to go and when I get there I have a huge choice of charms, slides, bracelets and accessories to choose from. There's something in every color, and in every price range, and that makes is super simple to pick out a great gift.

The Birthstone List

  1. January - Garnet

    The garnet is said to signify friendship and trust.

  2. February - Amethyst

    The amethyst offers protections from evil and drunkeness, and it brings peace, spirituality and happiness to the wearer.

  3. March - Aquamarine

    The aquamarine is said to have a calming effect.

  4. April - Diamond

    Some believe the diamond to have magical powers. This gem stone brings power and brilliance to the wearer.

  5. May - Emerald

    Many believe the emerald has qualities that can healing, bring luck and even attract love.

  6. June - Pearl or Alexandrite

    Alexandrite is said to be calming and wearing this gemstone can increase your luck.

    The pearl brings luck to the wearer as well. Depending on the color of the pearl, it can mean purity, innocence, faith, riches, and honesty.

  7. July - Ruby

    The ruby brings with it intense and vivid emotions, passion and love.

  8. August - Peridot

    The peridot is said to bring the wearer good luck and good sense!

  9. September - Sapphire

    The diamond is the hardest mineral and second in line for strength is the sapphire. The sapphire brings faithfulness and sincere emotions.

  10. October - Tourmaline or Opal

    The tourmaline is a symbol of true love and loyal friendship.

    The opal can bring happiness, and confidence. This beautiful stone is also thought to have healing powers.

  11. November - Topaz or Citrine

    The topaz is said to have the ability to calm tempers, and help with sleeping.

    While the citrine is said to contain the sun and gives protection from negative energy, and it's also said to be able to increase your psychic powers.

  12. December - Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise

    Some think the tanzanite can slow the aging process and it has calming properties to relieve stress.

    The zircon symbolizes wisdom and is believed to bring peaceful sleep, and honor to it's wearer.

    The turquoise is thought to open the heart and bring communication, along with prosperity and success to the wearer.

Why do the ladies love Pandora and Pandora compatible jewelry so much? Tell us why you like it and what's your favorite charm ...

Do You Like To Open Your Own Pandora's Box?

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @PinkstonePictures: It's fun to collect the charms and create your own charm scrapbook. I have many friends who just love their Pandora jewelry.

    • PinkstonePictures profile image


      5 years ago from Miami Beach, FL

      My friend has a Pandora bracelet. I love the fact that each charm can tell a story and have a special meaning for the person who wears it.


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