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Patent Leather Handbags

Updated on July 24, 2013

Patent Leather Handbags

Patent leather handbags are very beautiful, as well as, very durable. Patent leather is made by the leather going through a particular process to give it the high quality shiny gloss that it is famous for. This process also increases the value of the leather. Patent leather is also known for its high quality durability plus that it is waterproof.

My wife loves patent leather bags. She says they are easy to keep clean and she loves that if she gets caught out in a rain storm she knows the content of her bag will be safe.

Handbags that are made from patent leather are very eye catching and I think they are more attractive than most other handbags.

Patent Leather Shoulder Bags

A good quality leather shoulder bag can have many uses for different occasions. Shoulder bags can be used for everyday use plus they can also be used as an overnight bag.

The large opening of shoulder bags provide easy access to all your necessities. Most shoulder bags have smaller in side pockets to store often used items like keys and cell phone.

My wife tells me that every women needs to shoulder bag because of it's multi-use. I checked my wife's closet and she has 8 shoulder bags. I asked her why she had so many and she explained that she has one for different outfits plus she said I will never understand why a women needs different handbags. And I have to agree with her!

Every women needs a shoulder bag so why not get the best...a patent leather one.

Patent Leather Cross Body Bags

When it comes to selecting a new handbag, you need to make sure you purchase one that looks great plus serves a purpose. The main purpose of a cross body bag is to allow a woman to have both of her hands free.

This bags are lightweight and create less stress on your neck and shoulders. They are great if you are traveling, going out to a nightclub, or even going to the grocery store. These bags stay close to your body and keeps both of your hands free.

My wife tells me that she likes them because she can be sure her bag will not get stolen. She says it is harder for a thief to steal her bag when it is crossed over her body. I never thought about that benefit before so I am glad she has. It does give me a little piece of mind for her safety.

I have noticed more and more women wearing a cross body bag while I was at the mall the other day. I also noticed that more patent leather bags for sale in several of the mall stores. I don't think patent leather cross body bags are a trend, I think they will always be in fashion because of their clean look and durability.

How to Clean Patent Leather Bags Video

My Wife's Favorite Patent Leather Handbag

This Coach Red Patent Leather New Willis Handbag is the handbag my wife really wants.

Top Handle Patent Leather Handbags

Top handle handbags offer a different look than most. Most top handle bags have a double handle.

Carrying a top handle bag can protect you from getting a strain in your neck or shoulders.

When I see a top handle bag, it reminds me of the television show Sex and the City. I know Carrie was more famous for her love of shoes but she also had a great collection of top handle bags. They seem to ooze sophistication.

They are also roomy enough to carry everything you will need while you are running around town or hanging out with your girlfriends.

Patent Leather Clutch Bags

Typically clutches are used as the accessory of choice to compliment your evening-wear. However, clutches and wristlets are becoming more and more popular for women that have quick errands to run. They are light weight and can carry your keys, credit card, drivers license and cash. You can get a larger clutch that will also hold your cell phone and sunglasses.

My wife said that every woman needs a clutch bag. She says they are great for quick errands. She likes the clutch with a wrist strap, sometimes called a wristlet. She likes that the wrist strap provides extra security as to not loose it will carry other shopping bags.

My wife recommends getting a black clutch because it can be used with formal wear or everyday use and she recommends having a "fun" clutch that is for everyday use.

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    • RickByrd1 profile image

      RickByrd1 4 years ago

      @Daniel Golvet: Thanks. I will share that with her.

    • Daniel Golvet profile image

      Daniel Golvet 4 years ago

      Your wife has great taste in bags.

    • RickByrd1 profile image

      RickByrd1 4 years ago

      @smoothielover lm: Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 4 years ago

      patent leather was the "in thing" when I was a young girl - great to see that it's made a comeback! :)

    • RickByrd1 profile image

      RickByrd1 4 years ago

      @Joan4: Thanks for stopping by. You're right and that is the beauty of patent leather.

    • profile image

      Joan4 4 years ago

      Patent leather handbags always look fresh and new! Love that lime green!