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Patriotic Face Painting for Americans: Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on July 1, 2015

Patriotic Face Painting Products

Patriotic Face Paint

Americans love to express themselves patriotically at certain times of the year, using face paint as one of the ways to show their love for the country.

Along with the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day, Americans also paint their faces at the seemingly endless number of political rallies; whether they're at the local, state or federal level.

This is especially true when the national elections for President arrive every four years, when many people dress up and apply patriotic face paint in order to support their prospective candidate.

In this article we'll look at a number of ways people express their patriotism via face paint.

One unique aspect to patriotic face painting is there is a slight difference in emphasis between the Fourth of July and the political seasons.

Patriotic Face Painting Designs

As for designs used for American patriotic face painting, there are numerous and include a wide range; including the unusual personal preference for adding something unique and unrelated to the theme in some cases ... although that is almost always done with young people.

For example, some will have a patriotic look which includes the face of a pirate, or at other times a zombie, which is always a fascination to young people.

Of course they don't see any inconsistency there, as they are, in their minds, at least a patriotic zombie or pirate, or whatever other character they choose to include in their look.

But for the rest of us, patriotic images come in a wide array of designs.

There are some that are painted in the image of the American flag, which in many cases will cover the entirety of the face. The stars will be on the left, just as with the flag, and the red and white stripes on

the right. This is always a great way to express patriotism.

Others will simply have stripes of red, white and blue going vertically down their face, among many other designs that simply have to be seen to be appreciated.

I mentioned earlier the difference between Fourth of July and political rally face painting designs, and for the most part the difference is the Fourth of July face paintings will have the additional celebratory images, such as fireworks exploding and twinkling stars. Other than that, the different times of the year are represented the same as far as patriotic facial designs go.

Now let's look at a few of them.

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Butterfy Face Painting

In this first look at patriotic face paint, it's a great example of using a secondary theme to coincide with the primary patriotic theme. As you can see, in this case, it looks fantastic.

The way the stars colors are changed, depending on the colors of the flag works great, as does the red, white and blue colors of the body of the butterfly going up the nose to the forehead. Very cute look.

I also like the little white dots on the lower blue part of the wings, along with the two white stars on top of the antenna of the butterfly.

Patriotic Face Paint with Butterly Design


Stars and Stripes Face Painting

Here's a pretty cool looking face painting of the stars and stripes. Even though the white of the flag could have been a little larger, it doesn't take away from the great look, which obviously chose to display the blue and stars part of the flag as the major part of the design.

I also like it because it's unusual for the flag to be painted on the face at an angle. Usually it's done vertically or horizontally.

Don't be intimidated by the number of stars, as usually when that many are part of the patriotic face painting design they're done with a star stencil. You simply place a stencil over the face and dab it with a sponge loaded with white paint.

American Flag Face Painting


Different Ways of Face Painting American Flag

These two examples of slightly differently designed American flags is a good look at how you can make a couple of subtle design changes to create a look you may prefer.

In this case the faces are painted with a straight and round look. Either one would look fantastic, as you can see.

Also a little different are where the colors are placed on the noses. That also gives it a different feel.

Face Painting of American Flag


Patriotic Face Painting Video Tutorials

Now you can take a look a several patriotic face painting designs to get an idea how to do it, as well as show more designs people choose to express their patriotism.

In the first video tutorial it's a country-neutral design, as the United States isn't the only nation utilizing the colors red, white and blue in their flag. That said, it's a great design which is easily adaptable to America.

The one thing different that makes it even more American would be to place stars in the place of the flowers, although even the flowers would work if you like them.

Red White and Blue Face Painting Design

Patriotic Face Painting Tutorial

American Flag Face Paint Design Tutorial

Face Painting USA Crown Mask

Patriotic Face Paint Design

American Flag Face Painting with Blue and White Stars on Face

This is a very cool and unique face painting of the American flag. It's really an interesting look to see the blue of the flag with the stars on it place right in the middle of the face. Usually it's designed in the same manner of the American flag, with the blue and stars on the left, as were shown in some of the above designs.

Also great looking is the way the stripes are placed back over the head. Of course you need a bald head for this to work, so it won't work for everybody.

One thing that could be done to work with it is to shorten the red and white lines to the hairline. You could also paint the blue a little lower on the forehead, removing the star in the middle to provide a larger canvass for the red and white stripes.

Unique U.S. Flag Face Painting


American Flag Face Painting on Forehead, Eyes and Temples

This is a very cute patriotic face painting, using the sides of the face primarily to give a sense of celebration over America. It's the way the design "wings" out that seems to give that expression.

I also like the creative way the stars and blue of the flag are portrayed. You know what it is, but it's on the opposite side of the face in regard to how the real flag would appear, and it includes the twinkling star on top, which usually points to a celebration or fireworks going off.

It's simple and easy to make, but looks fantastic.

Patriotic Face Painting on Eyes and Temples


Face Painting and Patriotic Clothing Combo

In this next photo was have an awesome look at how face painting and a cute patriotic outfit go together really well.

Not only that, but the red hat and lipstick, along with the red in the face painting and blouse really help the overall look to pop out at you.

As for the face painting, look how quick and easy it would be to do something like that. There are just three colored lines going across the forehead and down the cheek in the shape of a shooting star, and the nice additional teardrop shaped lines and dots to complete the face. Very nice.

Cute Patriotic Face Painting and Outfit


Face Painting of Red and White Flag Stripes and White Star

Usually people choose to go with the blue of the American flag and the accompanying white stars as their favorite patriotic expression, but below we see a young woman go in the opposite direction, going with the red and white stripes as the dominant part of the design.

In this case the blue and single white star was chosen to represent the entirety of that part of the flag. It actually looks really good to me, showing there are numerous ways to show your patriotism via face painting. I like it.

American Flag Red and White Stripes Face Painting


American Patriotic Face Painting

Patriotism is a big part of the lives of many Americans, and it has been a tradition for years to dress up in various types of patriotic clothing, and to add, in many cases, a touch of or a lot of face paint, to accentuate those strong feelings.

It's not only fun and sends a message, but also can look very cool and great looking.

Looking through these patriotic face painting photos and video tutorials, you should get enough ideas to create your own look, and be ready for the next political season, civic and Fourth of July celebrations.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I love the red hat and design on the model. This is such a creative way to express your patriotic spirit. Enjoyed the article much.