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Paul & Taylor Men's Zip Around Leather Wallet

Updated on September 9, 2014

Paul & Taylor Men's Zip Around Leather Wallet

Explore the features of the Paul & Taylor Men's Zip Around Leather Wallet. I've reviewed this wallet from knowledge gained by personal use.

There are hundreds of manufacturers of men's wallets today, and shapes and sizes vary widely, but the Paul & Taylor zip around leather wallet is one of the higher quality items on the market in its price range today. Along with its flashy design also comes functionality with a total of 12 credit card slots, 3 receipt slots, a key holder, and a plastic window insert for photos, it truly merges portability and storage in a unique manner.

The Paul & Taylor mens zip around leather wallet has a bi-fold design, which zips around the edge of the entire wallet to prevent the loss of your most valuable items. The external window pocket on the wallet is perfect for holding your ID, or photos of loved ones. The stylish design and the large storage capacity on the Paul & Taylor zip around leather wallet make it a truly great wallet for men in all walks of life.

Updated 12/17/13 - I purchased this wallet in October of 2011 and have carried it in my pocket every day since. My wallet is stuffed full with my driver's license, credit cards, and a variety of other things (receipts, insurance card, Starbucks gift cards, and occasionally a little cash.) Most of the time, I can barely zip it closed because of all the things I try to stuff in there.

Despite the abuse, this wallet has held up admirably. It shows very little sign of wear other than the fact that it has molded itself into the shape of the cards that are stuffed in there. I fully expected the zipper to begin tearing away from the leather, but it hasn't - not even a little bit. I've never owned a wallet that lasted me for this long without falling apart.

I would definitely purchase another one of these wallets if the one I currently own ever falls apart. I don't know when that will ever be.

image courtesy of

...this is the wallet that I selected to purchase for myself.

— Don Wilson

Best Price for the Paul & Taylor Mens Zip Around Leather Wallet - Find the Best Deal For this Inexpensive but Classy Leather Zippered Wallet for Men

Other stores charge up to $8 more for the Paul & Taylor Men's Zip Around Leather Wallet but you can save 38% and receive first class customer support if you purchase this handsome men's leather wallet from Amazon.

Excellent Gift Idea

What man wouldn't want a new leather wallet?

Paul & Taylor Mens Zip Around Leather Wallet Features

Fine Quality Zippered Wallet for an Affordable Price

Looking at the different wallets which are available to buy can be confusing. However, if you know about why to buy the Paul & Taylor men's zip around leather wallet it will be easy to see your choice can easily be made for you. Some of the features present include the following items.

There is lots of room inside of the wallet itself. Now this does not mean that the wallet has enough room for a gold bar, but it does have twelve credit card slots and a zippered section for change. With this you will no longer have to put two or three cards in one slot nor have to worry about losing your change.

You will also find the storage space which is present is going to be something you will enjoy immensely. There is plenty of room for putting cash, receipts, and other important items easily into the wallet.

This high quality wallet offers a color selection of brown, tan, or black. Now you can consider that with this quality you may wish to own one of each color to go with whatever you choose to wear.

Being able to buy a new wallet is a great thing to do. This is when you should realize the benefits of the Paul & Taylor men's zip around leather wallet when compared to the other models available. Once you realize these benefits it will be easy to see why this is the wallet of choice.

  • Twelve credit card slots
  • Zippered coin compartment
  • Black, tan, or brown options (mine is the black one)
  • Genuine Leather
  • ID window with thumb slot
  • Full length bill compartment with divider
  • Zip around closure keeps contents secure

Paul & Taylor Mens Zip Around Leather Wallet Video - Wallets for Men Come in All Prices

You can pay any price you wish to for a wallet for a man. If spending hundreds for one of the fancy brand names is your thing, go for it. You can get a great quality, durable, and expensive looking men's wallet for a very reasonable price.

Paul & Taylor Mens Zip Around Leather Wallet Reviews

What Consumers Who Have Purchased this Wallet Have to Say About it

Out of 40 customer reviews of this zippered wallet, it was given 4.5 stars out of 5. People who purchased this wallet like that it zips all the way around three sides and holds the contents together, reducing the worry about your personal effects falling out.

I've summarized some of the comments made by consumers who had purchased this men's zippered wallet:

  • I ordered it because of the zip-up feature which secures items within.
  • Good buy and great product.
  • The quality of leather looks and feels very good.
  • It's a little too small to hold all the stuff I carry.
  • The credit card compartments are more than ample.
  • The zippered pocket is great for storing an extra car key.
  • The organizational capacity of the wallet gives me room enough and room to grow.

Of all the wallets that I reviewed, this is the wallet that I selected to purchase for myself. It appears to be high quality and put together well. It has so many card pockets and storage compartments that it adds extra bulk when filled. Once I placed all my credit cards and membership cards in the slots and put my ID in the window, I was worried that the zipper might be a little stressed. Quite the contrary. The wallet is holding together quite well. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. I feel like I've gotten a great wallet at a serious budget price.

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Have you purchased a wallet recently that has features you would like to compare with the Paul & Taylor zippered wallet? Please share with us.

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