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Every Woman Should Have a Pearl Necklace

Updated on October 10, 2014

Every Woman Should Have a Pearl Necklace

Being someone who enjoys classic looks, I believe that a string of pearls or a pearl pendant is a must for any woman's jewelry wardrobe. If you know of someone who doesn't have pearls, a pearl necklace would make a lovely gift for Christmas or for any special occasion like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, your Anniversary or her Birthday.

At the left are my pearls!

(If you don't know opera well, as a treat I've included a very appropriate YouTube video below to introduce you to one of the most beautiful works of music ever - The Pearl Fishers Duet from Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers")

Throughout this lens are also books and art on the theme of "The Pearl Necklace"

Francois Fressinier The Pearl Necklace - Framed Art Print


You may purchase this Fine Art Print from

What is a Pearl, the Oldest Gem?

Unlike other gems, pearls are organic matter from living creatures, namely mollusks and oysters.

As a symbol of innocence and purity, the pearl often figures prominently in bridal gowns and bridal jewelry

Pearl Strand and Pendant Necklaces

HinsonGayle Handpicked Premium White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace (Sterling Silver)

HinsonGayle AAA Handpicked 7.5-8.0mm White Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace (Sterling Silver, 18")
HinsonGayle AAA Handpicked 7.5-8.0mm White Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace (Sterling Silver, 18")

This exquisite traditional 18 inch princess length pearl necklace is composed of handpicked white freshwater pearls. These pearls were selected for their near roundness and brilliant luster by the staff at HinsonGayle, and then individually hand knotted on fine thread to create your necklace.

* pearls have lovely ivory to rose overtones.

* finished with a premium hand-polished sterling silver double-safety ball clasp.

* rhodium plated premium 925 sterling silver clasp for enhanced scratch and tarnish resistance.

* includes a HG cloth pouch to store and protect your pearls.

This strand of white pearls is perfect for any occasion from casual to bridal


Majorica Round Pearls on Links Necklace

Majorica Round Multi-Pearl Necklace, 17"
Majorica Round Multi-Pearl Necklace, 17"

This Majorica pearl necklace has a 18 inch linked chain of 925 Sterling Silver with a lobster claw clasp. Very elegant with high luster, round, multicolored pearls of 2 sizes

* 10 and 12mm Round Pearls


Cultured Pearls Are

Pearls that are grown by artificially "encouraging" oysters to form a pearl. At a pearl "farm", the shell of the oyster responds to implanted tissue placed there by the cultivator, to form a pearl. These are not artificial pearls.

Do You Have a Pearl Necklace ?

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Pearl Bridal Jewelry and Pearl Necklace Sets

Pearl Necklace and Earrings in 14K Gold - Necklace is 17 inch Princess Length

Pearl Bridal Jewelry Sets with Necklace and Earrings

Who are the Pearl Fishers?

During the time that "The Pearl Fishers" takes place, there is no such thing as cultured pearls. The pearl fishers are the local men of the islands that hold their breath and dive into the sea to pluck pearls from the native oysters.

The Pearl Fishers Duet - From Bizet's Opera "The Pearl Fishers"

Andrea Bocelli & Bryn Terfel sing the Pearl Fishers duet from Les Pecheurs de perles. The theme is classic - Two men love the same woman

Thanks for Looking at these Pearl Necklaces and Pendants

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      pumpum 5 years ago

      I agree with you - every woman should have a pearl necklace.great lens!!