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How To Choose The Perfect Interview Outfit For Women

Updated on July 28, 2015

A versatile outfit for interviews and far beyond

I know that you've more than likely heard this advice before - that when you're going for a job interview you have to look professional, and that your professionalism is going to be conveyed straight away by the outfit you wear. It's actually true. Sorry about that.

For my very many years of working at a creative design agency, I had to interview people who were applying for creative jobs. This meant often that they thought they should dress 'creatively'. So wrong.

It's still very important to look businesslike. If you land the job, you'll be told the dress code - if any - and then you'll be able to dress accordingly but I promise that your prospective employer will want you to 'dress for success' when you go to be interviewed. Be stylish but don't be bizarre.

You see, no matter how creative your job, it's an added advantage to your boss if he or she knows that you can be relied upon to look businesslike and professional in client meetings.But businesslike doesn't mean boring. Every woman, not just those who are job seeking, should own a business suit.

I know, it does sound drab, doesn't it? But a business suit - a jacket with either a skirt or a pair of pants - can be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. Why?

Evan Picone


The above outfit looks very businesslike and yet can be accessorized in many exciting and different ways - as you can see below. But the advantage of having two pieces is that you can wear them individually. For example, the jacket would look great with jeans that are tucked into leather riding boots along with a cozy tartan or casual woollen shawl.

The skirt, being black, will go well with every top, sweater or blouse in your wardrobe. All your other jackets will coordinate well in addition. This is great for interviews but also an excellent way to add flexibility to your wardrobe for many occasions.

Evan Picone Women's Tonal Jacquard Skirt Suit
Evan Picone Women's Tonal Jacquard Skirt Suit

This is so very flattering as well as being most practical. This outfit is perfect for interviews or for any business occasion but consists of two adaptable pieces that can be worn independently.

Both pieces are also very feminine and you'll find so many uses for them for daytime or evening wear, A good suit is a terrific investment.


A versatile outfit

The plain and basic outfit looks terrific. I can just imagine wearing this for a job interview exactly as it's shown here. But think what great things you can do with those two pieces. Remember that they can be worn individually with so many other garments.

  • The model is wearing pure white underneath the jacket. Imagine if that top was magenta - see how different the whole emsemble could look? Especially if it was accessorized with a clutch type purse and earrings in the same color. Or emerald green, or red, or bright blue ... or whatever color you prefer. Try orange or green.
  • Let's think about going out to dinner. Take away the white top and add silver jewelry and accessories for a glamorous evening look. How very cool.
  • Picture the outfit accessorized for winter - ankle boots, a hounds tooth check scarf and a lovely leather satchel and gloves. For a touch of color, add colored tights - an inexpensive way to totally change your look!

Accessorise with colour

This is just one example - choose your own favorite colors. Because the pieces above are black, you can choose a single color or even two.

BIG BUDDHA Josie Tote,Magenta,One Size
BIG BUDDHA Josie Tote,Magenta,One Size

This gorgeous bag instantly adds a pop of colour to the plain black and white outfit.Note that it comes with a smaller bag - ideal for make up. It comes in several other colours and it's big enough to hold your laptop.

LibbySue-Pretty Tie-Dye, Peace Sign Oblong Print Scarf, Shawl in Multi-Colors Magenta
LibbySue-Pretty Tie-Dye, Peace Sign Oblong Print Scarf, Shawl in Multi-Colors Magenta

Now imagine the outfit above with a matching scarf worn around the neck or as a shawl.Because bags and scarves can be very inexpensive and because they are available in a variety of colours, you have many options.Scarves and shawls are probably THE most versatile items in your wardrobe. A scarf like this one, with several subtle shades, can be worn with many outfits and in so many ways.


Accessories for evening

Going out for dinner after work but you have no time to go home and change? Just change your accessories.Dress up this basic outfit with silver accessories for an evening date or a party. Sparkle with these choices that will add flair and pizzazz to a simple but well-cut ensemble. Add a bright color in the form of a silk scarf or wrap for a stunning evening look.

Accessories for winter

Houndstooth looks so very elegant and has been the choice of stylish and sophisticated women for many decades. An easy way to change your look is by using inexpensive, brightly colored tights for that extra touch. Gloves, scarves, try a variety of accessories.


If you prefer to wear pants rather than skirts, a pair with a matching jacket will add a great deal of versatility to your wardrobe. These too lend themselves to beautiful accessorizing.

  • An outfit with a classic look so if perfect with leather (or faux leather) and gold. If the lapels of your jacket are wide, they are perfect for brooches - a fashion item that is making a huge comeback.
  • For a striking look, choose your favorite bright color. Add a feminine scarf, jewelry and other accessories to soften the look of a classically tailored two piece.
  • Even a classic looking garment can be made to look glamorous with the addition of black and silver accessories - see the suggestions below.

Accessorize with leather and gold

Leather and gold always look sophisticated and stylish. The look of your two piece can be altered dramatically using a few choice accessories such as the ones below.


It may be that you wear either the jacket or the skirt (or pants) from the suit more often. But be sure to have them both cleaned at the same time. Cleaning will gradually change the color of your two piece over time. But if you have both items cleaned together - whether one needs it or not - you can be sure that both parts will be evenly matched and always look good together.

Thanks for reading - say hi!

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      Oh wow that's very nice and also different to what most women wear for interviews.

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @beaworkathomemom: Thanks so much!

    • beaworkathomemom profile image

      beaworkathomemom 5 years ago

      Very stylish! The Anne Klein suit really looks professional and can be versatile. Nice lens.