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Every Girl Needs A Perfume Wardrobe

Updated on June 23, 2011

The link between our sense of smell and our emotions is well established. Think about the last time you smelt something familiar that brought back memories from your past and then think about how those memories made you feel. For me, the smell of tropical coconut suntan oil brings back fond memories of family days on the beach.

Perfumes have the same ability to capture your feelings and even change your mood. The reverse is also true in that your mood can effect how you respond to a particular fragrance in the moment and that's why I recommend that every girl should have a perfume wardrobe. Of course boys can have one too, but being boys, they would simply call it ‘a bunch of aftershaves'. And I'm not talking about a physical wardrobe here (although there's nothing stopping you from having one if you so wish). A perfume wardrobe is simply a term to describe an individual's collection of perfumes.

Now I know that perfume is not cheap and that I am spoilt in this regard as having my own perfume shop means that I get to evaluate many of the perfumes that I sell - it's one of the perks of the job. That said, I do think that over time (and especially if you make your wishes known around Christmas, birthdays, valentines etc.) you can build up a nice collection to suit your every mood. What do I mean by ‘suit your every mood'? I suppose the best way to explain is by example so here's a list of favourites from my perfume wardrobe together with why I chose them.

Escada Pacific Paradise


Remember how suntan oil takes me back to happy days on the beach? Well this fragrance does exactly the same. With its intense fruity, coconuty top notes it's like sipping a refreshing passion fruit cocktail on the beach. For me, this is a young, fun outdoorsy fragrance that I wear when I'm feeling playful or need an energetic lift.

Incidentally, I often find that adverts for a particular fragrance bear no relation to the fragrance itself. In this instance I think Escada got it spot on - this is my beach fragrance, no doubt about it.

Calvin Klein CKone


With top notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin, CKone is for me, a perfect example of a citrus cologne. It's fresh, light and clean and the perfect choice for when I want to feel refreshed after a hot summer's day.

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Elizabeth Arden Red Door


Now this is the complete opposite of CKone. Red Door is a rich floral that I find warm and embracing and is not the kind of fragrance I would wear in summer. It's my everyday winter fragrance, the one I turn to whenever I don't know what other fragrance I feel like wearing. It's my reliable old friend.

Gucci Rush 2


First of all you need to get past the packing on this one, a cheap, plastic box that looks terrible and is horrible to hold. Inside however is a wonderful woody fragrance with a hint of floral that really lifts this perfume. For some reason Rush 2 reminds me of brightness and colour and I often wear it to counteract those grey, rainy days.

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Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur


Another one of my winter favourites, I find this very calming. I don't wear it that often, sometimes just a spray after having a bath as I like to fall asleep with the smell of this fragrance. Peaceful is the word that comes to mind.

Prada by Prada


An award winning spicy oriental fragrance, this is what I wear when I want to feel sophisticated and confident. Think power suit in a business meeting. For me this is my no nonsense fragrance. Not the kind of thing I wear on a night out.

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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac


This fragrance should actually be at the top of my list as I would be inclined to wear it almost every day if I wasn't so worried about it running out (I often battle to find it). It's also not particularly long lasting so needs to be layered for best effect so I tend to reserve it for special nights out.

What I really like about this fragrance is that it is something out of the ordinary which makes it mysteriously sexy and in a way more memorable. As I sell perfumes, I get to test a lot of them and let's face it, many of today's fragrances are very similar. I have yet to come across another fragrance that smells quite like Castelbajac and that's what makes it special for me.

Finding your unique combination


You may read a lot about perfumes being grouped into particular categories, each with their own characteristics and mood. While this can help guide you into finding your favourite fragrances, I don't think that you should see perfumes adhering to any specific rules so don't be afraid to try fragrances you would not normally be drawn to. And don't be too influenced by other people's interpretation of a particular fragrance. Finding your unique combination of perfume favourites is a personal and individual experience and there's no right or wrong. Hopefully these few examples from my perfume wardrobe have given you some ideas so if you haven't already, start your collection today.

The PerfumeFairy

PS - I'd love to hear about your favourite perfumes so please feel free to post your comments.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love perfume, you've made my day... my next stop is a perfume shop!


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