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Top 10 Best Perfume Brands in 2016

Updated on January 19, 2016

Perfume Brands


Top 10 Best Perfume Brands in 2016

Perfumes and fragrances have been around since time immemorial. They are normally designed by experienced perfumers who blend different extracts and chemicals in the right proportions to produce some of the best smelling substances. You can purchase some of the best perfumes from world-renowned brands that have employed top perfumers who use some of the best ingredients to produce quality products that will keep you fresh and smelling nicely all day long. Below are the ten best perfume brands in 2016:

1. Lacoste

Founded in 1933 by Andre Gillier and Rene Lacoste, this is a renowned French fashion house that deals in high-end perfumes, clothing, footwear and watches. They launched their first fragrance named “Lacoste for Men,” in 1984 and have since then produced numerous fragrances for men as well as women. The designer boasts of about 39 perfumes in their fragrance base. Their fragrances include inspiration perfumes, which capture the whole essence of the feminine freedom. Their men’s colognes are mainly represented by Red, Lacoste Pour Homme and Essential (the newest fragrance).

2. Gucci

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the House of Gucci started as a company that deals in leather products. The company later ventured into the production of different fashion accessories, jewelry, colognes and perfumes. Although Gucci colognes and fragrances were introduced into the market decades ago, it is only in the 1990s that they gained significant recognition and that is when the sale of their scents began to increase. The brand has something for virtually everyone. For instance, it offers Gucci perfumes for women and Gucci cologne for men. Some of their products include scents such as Gucci Flora, Gucci by Gucci, Gucci Premiere, Gucci Guilty and Gucci Made to Measure. Their fragrance line is of an exceptional quality and quite popular among discerning customers across the globe.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Founded by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce in 1985, Dolce and Gabanna is a renowned Italian luxury fashion house, specializing in luxury clothing, eyewear, fashion accessories and perfumes. The company’s first fragrance was launched in 1992, and they have since then produced top quality fragrances for both men and men. They have more than 59 perfumes in their fragrance base, which were made with the help of top performers like Max Gavarry, Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Cresp, among others.

4. Escada

Launched by a husband and his wife; Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley in 1979, this brand has become an international luxury brand with a retail network of 400-stores worldwide. They typically ventured into the fragrance and perfume business in 1990, and in spite of Margaretha’s death in 1992, Escada has remained resilient in the fragrance industry. Their fragrances represent unstated sensuality and glamour, as well as modern elegance. They are top quality products that are uniquely formulated with exceptional attention to detail.

5. Boss (Hugo Boss)

Hugo Boss is another well-established German lifestyle and fashion house that was founded by Hugo Boss in 1924. Based in Metzingen, the company offers different lines of fragrances under the main brands of Hugo and Boss. Furthermore, the company is also known for producing topnotch fragrances in collaboration with Proctor and Gamble Prestige. They currently have more than 72 perfumes in their fragrance base, all of which are made with the help of world-renowned perfumers.

6. Tom Ford

This is another top brand in the fragrance industry. The company produces top-quality perfumes and fragrances that are quite popular among the customers. They create uniquely blended scents for both male and female wearers. Note that their sensual fragrances mainly play on the floral and oriental notes that are matched with the soft undertones of amber and wood. With a fragrance collection of more than 55 scents, Tom Ford perfumes are among the most popular perfumes on the market. The collection includes certain iconic scents like White Patchouli and Black Orchid.

7. Chanel

Chanel is a France-based fashion house that was founded by Gabrielle Channel in 1910. Besides dealing in fashion, the company also created a revolution in the perfume industry with their first iconic fragrance; Chanel N°5, which was initially introduced in 1921. Since then, the fragrance has continued to be a global bestseller, while maintaining a contemporary appeal with celebrity endorsements and innovative advertisements. The company has more than 74 perfumes in their fragrance base and they continue to produce topnotch perfumes even to date.

8. Armani

Giorgio Armani is a renowned Italian designer noted for designing topnotch menswear. The brand has expanded to include exceptional fragrances and other beauty products. For instance, in early 1980’s Armani ventured into the fragrance industry by introducing the first Armani perfume named, “Armani for Women.” This was then followed by the release of “Armani for Men,” a men’s cologne. Since then there have been subsequent releases of many other scents and they now have over 100 fragrances in their line.

9. Dior

Started by Christian Dior, this is one of the most recognized brands in the fashion industry. Dior fragrances are 100% authentic and most of them can be bought at a budget-friendly price. Dior perfumes have continued to be the most preferred choices of the modern classy women. Furthermore, they also deal in top quality men’s cologne. Right from the moderately-priced Dior Homme fragrance to high-end offerings, the brand features a range of colognes and perfumes for women, men, teens as well as babies. The brand has over 181 perfumes in their fragrance base and more continue to be produced.

10. Guerlain Paris

Guerlain is a famous French perfume house with more than 175 years of experience in the perfume industry. The company uses luxurious and rare materials such as ylang-ylang and French Vanilla from their plantations in Comoro Islands to make outstanding perfumes. The company was founded in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, and has more than 300 top quality fragrances in their line. This has made the Guerlain House one of the renowned fragrance companies in Europe.

There are currently so many perfume brands on the market today and buying the best perfume may not necessarily be easy. To get the best product, you need to look for an established brand with enough experience in the industry. The above list of the best perfume brands can help you to make the right decision.


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      Kristen Howe you are welcome. More it yet to come

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      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great list of perfumes and the history behind it. Thanks for sharing it.

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      That is so true brilliance365

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      What a refreshing Hub! Absolutely interesting for the fashionistas out there. This one is just the list to go by.

      Great Hub! Keep up the good work!

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