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Fun sized Fashion Inspirations for the Pint Sized Girl

Updated on September 2, 2015

‘I’m not short, I’m fun sized’ is the perfect motto for a pint sized girl. These type of girls are full of spunk, energy, and love – all packaged in a small frame. Here are a few of my favorite entertainers that provide great fashion inspirations for pint sized girls, whether it is a day out with friends, time spent with the family, or a date night.

Sandara (Dara) Park: The Trendsetter

Sandara Park is one fourth of the wildly popular k-pop group 2NE1. The group is known for their wide range of styles from modern chic to urban. Being the tiniest member in the group, Sandara represents to the fullest for tiny girls across the globe. High tops, leggings, and architectural tops are some of her go to style items.

*Fashion Inspiration: A day out and about with friends*

Jada Pinkett Smith: The Cool Mom

Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actress known for her passionate humanitarian activities and marriage to funny man Will Smith. She is also a power mom to the fashion forward Willow and Jaden Smith. Jada is skilled in staying fierce while balancing family life. She loves her short shorts, body fitting dresses, high heels and simple accessories.

*Fashion Inspiration: Family time with the husband and kids*

Janelle Monae: The Power Suit

Oh how I do love Janelle Monae! This American singer gives the greatest over the top performances while wearing the best looking suits. Janelle says to pay homage to everyone that helped her succeed as an artist she wears suits because those individuals worked jobs that required a uniform or suit to be worn. Janelle Monae can be seen at any time in one of her beautiful suits: tailored blazer with slacks, fitted white blouse and retro Mary Janes.

*Fashion Inspiration: Formal gatherings or events*

Mette Lindberg: The Rocker

This indie/rocker/disco queen is the lead singer of the Danish band The Asteroid Galaxy Tour. Small frame topped with hair full of waves and a set of unique vocal cords to match, Lindberg is a doll! Some of Lindberg’s key style elements are sequin undies worn over leggings, massive hair and flawless mix of street style.

*Fashion Inspiration: Date nights*


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