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Pit babe costumes

Updated on August 9, 2016

Be a starting grid babe

Pit girls speak towards everyone's imagination. They are hot, sexy, have all eyes on them and are made for the attentions.

If you have an upcoming party, themed birthday celebration or a Halloween costumed gathering, consider the following pit babe costumes and you can be the centre of all the attention.

Different styles

There are thousands of events each year that feature pit babes, and every event features women dressed in all kind of styles.

We'll try to give an overview of those styles and once you have your costume picked out, you can get more creative with accessories and additions.

Jumpsuit pit babes

If you are a little shy and don't feel like wearing the traditional short skirts or dresses, consider going as a pit girl in jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are comfortable, can be combined with boots or other shoes and are still sexy.

The one on the left will make you stand out because of the red color. The front zipper can be closed at the desired height.

Dressed to zazzle

An obvious choice to dress as a pit babe is to pick out a sexy dress that has some racing features.

Each one of the pit babe dresses feature racing patterns. The checkered finish flag is the biggest inspiration. Combine the dresses (like displayed) with boots and nylons for a finished look. Going with heels is an option too.

The dress above emphasizes the shoulders with the assymetrical design. If you don't like the ultra short version, check out the mini dress at the left. It's flirty, but the petticoat covers a lot more skin.

Bra and bikini babes

Daring and sexy. Wear a costume that shows cleavage with a bikini top underneath.

The dress feature a yellow bikini and a zipper, but the whole point is to leave it open.

The jumpsuit has the same focus draw to the breasts.


Enhance your costume with extra racing accessories.

A checkered bandana

Racing balloons

Easy boots with heels

Thigh high boots


Will you be racing to your next party ?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      PLS! He;lp me for this coming party. I don't know what to wear ;))) hmm . Wosh me luck guys Godless.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      yes! :) and Im so sxcited :D HAHA.