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How to properly pluck / trim eyebrows hair for women

Updated on January 1, 2012

Eyebrows frame our eyes and are actually very important features on our faces. Did you ever think a brow less human is attractive? Probably not, it seems like they are missing something important on the face that would balance other features. Eyebrows not only frame the eyes but can also make your face appear more beautiful. This hub is all about how to properly pluck / trim eyebrows for women.

Eyebrows need to be a certain shape and length to make your face appear more balanced and beautiful. To start, you should reference the picture below before plucking / trimming your brows. In general, for a woman with an oblong face shape, your arch should be lower than in the picture below. For a woman with a round face shape, the arch should be slightly higher than the one in the picture. By doing this, you are adding more balance to the face shape and make your overall appearance even more pretty


Next, draw the desirable shape with a dark brow pen. This serves as a guide so that you don't accidentally pluck too much eyebrow hair. Over plucking can sometimes lead to permanent brow hair loss. Not desirable in any way. You are always better off with more eyebrow hair than not enough. Don't forget to wash off the drawn brow line after you have plucked / trimmed your eyebrows.

Many women are used to the sensation of plucking off one's eyebrow hair. However, some girls have very sensitive or are new to the whole eyebrow plucking experience. How to properly pluck eyebrows? Let's start by talking about how to decrease the amount of pain involved. The best time to pluck off one's eyebrow hairs is after you came out from the shower. After warm water hits your face, the pores are open for a while facilitating easier and less painful eyebrow plucking experience. Use eyebrow plucking tweezers and firmly grab onto the hair near the skin. With one swift motion, remove the hair. Practice makes perfect. Here are some useful tips for plucking eyebrows. When starting out, you should let someone pluck it for you in order for you to get used to the experience and sensation. One of the most important tips for plucking eyebrows is to not rush. A lot of people do it very fast because they have lots of experience. When first learning, you should give yourself at least 30 minutes to complete the whole process.

There are a few girls that simply cannot benefit from learning how to properly pluck eyebrows because of very sensitive skin. Some girls also experience more pain than others and cannot tolerate the plucking experience. In that case, let's learn how to trim eyebrow hairs instead. With the help of a pair of special curved stainless steel scissors, you will have beautiful eyebrows too. This is my personal favorite that I love to use on my eyebrows. The curved tip contours to the shape of the eye area which makes it very easy to trim your eyebrow hair. Since the curved tip is away from the eye itself, it is safer to use than other types of scissors. However, you should not let your guard down when using any kind of scissors near your eye. It is always better to learn how to properly pluck eyebrows rather than trimming it because of the safety reason. Scissors can only get to near the base which means you have to cut your eyebrows more frequently. People with darker hair cannot get away with trimming their eyebrows because dark hair is very visible on lighter skin. If you have blonde hair, you can get away with just using scissors to trim your eyebrows.


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    • profile image

      gchicnotes 6 years ago

      Great information! I definitely prefer to pluck after my shower. It makes it some much easier to pull the unwanted hair out.