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Plus Size Chic and Trendy Clothing

Updated on August 17, 2012

On The Hunt For Stylish Clothing

If you're anything like me, it's hard to find plus size clothes that are both stylish and trendy. Most of the time we settle for the not so cute clothing lines that are easy to find at retailers like Walmart and Kmart. Trust me I know, the patterns and designs that we are left to suffer through leave much to be desired. I don't know about you but I am tired of wearing shirts and dresses that look like they belong draped across the dining room table. I hate having to buy the stretchy pants because denim in our size costs a fortune!

I say "Just Say No" to ugly clothing! We deserve to look good too! No more ugly patterns and unflattering horizontal stripes!

Don't Settle For Second Best

While trying to update and improve my wardrobe I got fed up. I became so fed up that I spent the ENTIRE day searching the internet for affordable clothing that won't make me feel like a piñata or the Goodyear Blimp. This lens is filled with my research and I am happy to say that there were tons of results! No more being depressed about our grandma clothes or having to pay $100 for one piece of clothing just to feel good about the way we look. I hope that you have fun browsing these chic and classy clothing lines and super exciting websites. Happy hunting girls!

Now This Is Hip

I got tired of running around looking like MooMoo the Moose so I started changing my wardrobe one item at a time. I started out with a few stylish shirt and blue jean combos and finished off with some stunning shoes that really made me stand out. I felt great! Here are some hot and sassy ideas!

Some of the sexiest women have curves.

Helpful Tip #1

Rethink your usual go-to color. Many of us tend to purchase black clothing because it's more slimming. However, you can get the same effect with dark blues and browns, which are also trendy and classic at the same time. Trying mixing a deep teal top with chocolate pants and see the difference.

Elongate the neck with open necklines such as v-necks, sweetheart necklines and vertical cowl necks.

The Most Common Body Types

While every woman is different our basic shapes have been narrowed down to seven primary body shapes. Take a look to see if you fit any of these body types and notice the included tips. I myself am a very voluptuous hour glass shape with a little extra junk in my trunk. I'm paying REALLY close attention! Lord knows I could use all the tips that I can get. Enough about me though. Here's the list.

Diamond Shape: Diamonds carry the most weight in the middle, and the waist is not clearly defined. Hips are wider and thighs larger, but the shoulders and bust are smaller. Horizontal necklines in your tops help widen the shoulders and draw attention away from the waist, creating a more balanced look.

Oval Shape: Ovals have no clearly defined waist, but they do have a prominent stomach. Ovals tend to have a fuller bust, with proportionately slender arms and legs. Ovals should dress in clothes that emphasize their thighs, hips and legs while de-emphasizing their waist.

Triangle Shape: Triangles have full hips and thighs and a defined waist. Their shoulders and bust are proportionately smaller. Use lighter colors and wide necklines to broaden the appearance of the upper body.

Inverted Triangle Shape: An inverted triangle body type has shoulders and bust that are larger, with the waist, hips and thighs being proportionately smaller. This body type should wear darker colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom which will help balance the silhouette.

Hourglass Shape: An hourglass body type has a defined waist that is smaller than the hips, shoulders and bust. Open collars, v-necks, and clothing that accentuate the curves are the best clothes for an hourglass.

Figure Eight Shape: The figure eight is a combination of body types. The overall shape is like the hourglass, but with fuller hips and thighs. The waist is defined, but less so, and a prominent tummy may be present. Dress to make the torso look longer and de-emphasize the fuller bottom. Open collars and v-necklines will help draw attention to the upper body.

Rectangle Shape: The rectangle body type has no definition around the waist, and the hips and bust are similar in size. The body, from shoulders to thighs seemed to be lined straight up and down. Rectangles should dress to create the illusion of a more defined waistline and curvier shape.

The Basic Shapes

Make Your Hair Work For You

A flattering hairstyle can make for a much slimmer appearance. However, wearing the wrong hairstyle for your face shape can work against you and make your face seem chubbier. Here are the three great tips to remember when looking for a slimming hairstyle.

1. It should be close to shoulder length. A cut that is around shoulder length or slightly longer creates the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. Short hair cuts aren't a good option because they can add more width to an already full face.

2. Layered haircuts are perfect for plus size shapes because they can help minimize a double chin and give more definition to the shoulder area. If you have fine hair, layers will give your hair more volume. With that being said, don't get layers that are shorter then chin length. Chances are that they will add more width to your face.

3. Try a side part. A side part allows you to sweep bangs diagonally over your face, which breaks up a round face shape. This style can also bring out cheekbones in rounder faces.

Shopping For The Perfect Dress

Your Little Black Dress

Everyone needs that one "little black dress". It doesn't matter if your a size 6 or a size 26. You can look beautiful in your favorite dress too. Have a look at these!

Important Advice To Know

Cheap fabrics may be light on your wallet but they will not do your plus-sized body justice when put on your body. Fabrics like polyester tend to pull and stretch, which calls more attention to your problem areas. Inexpensive fabrics will also cling to trouble areas instead of falling over them and camouflaging them.

In Case Nothing Caught Your Eye

Take a look at these links! I searched the entire internet for some of the best websites around who sell chic and trendy clothing for plus size women. Between all of these different stores you're sure to find something perfect for your new wardrobe.

Plus Size Swimsuits

I stepped outside today, straight into the heat, and the first thing that came to my mind was "beach"! Sadly I do not live near a beach but many of my readers do. Therefore, I have decided to add a few plus size swimsuits to this collection. These classy swimsuits prove that even us big girls can look sexy on the beach!

What Do You Like Best About Yourself? - I want to know!!

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    • choosehappy profile image

      Vikki 4 years ago from US

      Hmmm...about myself? I don't know! I like my eyes...they change colors with the sun. Crazy, huh!? I like it though.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      A cool collection for plus-size. About me, I think it is my face that I love the most, however; I would have loved better if I had a sharp nose.

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 6 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      my legs - they are much younger than the rest of me. Angel blessed and featured on summer reading lenses

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I think it would have to be my long legs. They help even out the rest of my curves and shape.

    I Want Your Opinion

    Many people believe that plus size women can't be sexy. A lot of people turn their noses up to people considered full size or plus size. What do you think?

    Do Women Have To Be A Size 8 Or Smaller To Be Considered Sexy?

    Plus Size Women Have Awesome Sex Appeal!

    Plus Size Women Have Awesome Sex Appeal!

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      • thicklovebbw 4 years ago

        so wanna to make more plus size woman, i'd like to go

      • LRPD2007 6 years ago

        Curves are better than bones!

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Plus size women are sexy! I think that we are more sexy and care about things that are more important than maintaining a size 0... I'm a size 16-18 and proud of it!

      • kelsieilesha 6 years ago


        I myself am a plus sized woman... and even though I hate it, I've seen other plus size women that look absolutely gorgeous! Size has absolutely NOTHING to do with if a woman is sexy or not!

        It's a personal thing I guess. Even if I was skinny, I'd probably hate my body type.

      • The Great Conve 6 years ago

        I agree with you both! I'm not a size 6 or even 10 and my husband still married me :)

      • Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

        Definitely not! Sexy women come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicity.

      • sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

        no. for me +8 women are sexy

      They're Not My Cup Of Tea But More Power To Them.

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        No comments yet.

        Thank You So Much

        I would like to say thank you to all of my readers. I write because I have a lot to say and I love to entertain. Hopefully you found the information in this lens helpful and entertaining. Please feel free to leave some feedback. I love to hear what my readers have to say!

        Was This Lens Helpful? - Tell Me What You Think

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          • Ash2013 profile image

            Ash2013 4 years ago

            Great lens, thank you for creating it. I think it is very important for those who tend to be on the larger side, that they can dress well as it gives them confidence in themselves. Ash

          • sweetstickyrainbo profile image

            sweetstickyrainbo 5 years ago

            some nice looking models

          • SAPearl profile image

            SAPearl 5 years ago

            Fabulous lens, lots of great ideas to show that plus size does not have to mean frumpy!

          • The Great Conve profile image

            The Great Conve 6 years ago

            Thank you Sukkran. You just earned brownie points from me :)

          • sukkran trichy profile image

            sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

            very interesting page with some nice photos. nicely done

          • profile image

            anonymous 6 years ago

            Nice information and cute outfits. Thanks for the great lens!