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Plus Sized Bridal Dresses

Updated on October 6, 2014

Brides Come in All Sizes

Fifteen years ago when I needed a wedding dress, finding plus size bridal was next to impossible. None of the bridal shops carried anything over a twelve and none were willing to order in larger sizes on the off chance I was interested. Back then ordering from a picture in a catalog was taboo but today shopping online is like one big catalog. and luckily for us there are many more choices to choose from.

Bare in mind that ordering online does not guarantee a perfect fit you still have to find a qualified seamstress in your area to make sure the dress is adjusted in all the right places. Just like you would have to do if you walked into a bridal boutique.

Below you find a selection of online shops that offer plus size bride's dresses, some even offer bride's maids and mother-of-the-bride. More options on the way!

Congratulations on your pending wedding!

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Igigi by Yuliya Raquel

Plus Size Bridal / Wedding Dresses from Igigi
Plus Size Bridal / Wedding Dresses from Igigi

Igigi has been one of my favorite online retailers for career wear and cocktail dresses for many years. I would say they have perfected the plus size style when it comes to evening wear. It is not surprising that they also have a bridal collection which usually consists of six to ten dresses of varying lengths.

They are pretty affordable as wedding dresses go ranging in price from $195 to $570. As some one has four Igigi dresses and a few tops I can tell you that their pieces are well made -- also made in the U.S. If you have any plus size brides maids (or other wedding party) you might want to pick out a dress for them here too.

The styles offered change a few time a year so the samples above may not be available.

Visit Igigi for plus size bridal dresses.

For the Guests - Or Bridal Party

IGIGI Women's Plus Size Isadora Dress
IGIGI Women's Plus Size Isadora Dress

Igigi offers sizes 14 to 32 in career, party, evening, and wedding clothing. Proud to be made in the USA.


Sydney's Closet

Sydney's Closet Plus Size Bridal Dresses
Sydney's Closet Plus Size Bridal Dresses

When they started Sydney's Closet was the go to place for plus size prom dresses for teens but they quickly found there was a great market by including plus size future brides who were also having a hard time finding beautiful special occasion dresses in their size.

Their website makes it easy to shop by size, price, and length. They have an adequate selection of formal and informal gowns to choose from in sizes 16 to 32 (a few go up to 44). Prices range from a couple hundred to over one thousand. You can also shop for your bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride while you are there. Some items are special order and take longer to arrive so make sure you allow for extra time. Sydney's Closet ships internationally.

Visit Sydney's Closet for plus size bridal dresses.

The Wedding Guide for Plus Size - Finally

Down That Aisle in Style!: A Wedding Guide for the Full-figured Woman
Down That Aisle in Style!: A Wedding Guide for the Full-figured Woman

While you might find the occasional seasonal insert for the plus size bride in the magazines, this book is 100% plus size all the time. There is a lot of information on the whole art of dress shopping (what you are looking for in a dress) as well as tips for other areas of wedding planning.


David's Bridal

Plus size wedding dresses from David's Bridal
Plus size wedding dresses from David's Bridal

They have a wonderful selection of plus size brides-to-be dresses as well as accessories like underthings, shoes and purses. Viewing is made easy by their zoom features for almost every dress so you can see the details and almost every dress I looked had amazing details. Currently they offer sizes 14 to 26.

The dresses range in style from classic to modern and from bare shoulders to faintly covered. No puffy sleeves to be found. The prices for plus size bridal dresses range from $120 to $1200+ and their shipping costs are around $15

Visit David's Bridal for plus size wedding dresses.

The Pashmina

Whether you are buying for yourself or for your bridesmaids eBay has numerous color choices and price ranges. Be sure to give yourself at least five weeks ordering time as some options are out of the country and postal time is unpredictable.

The Corset

Plus Size White Bridal Corsets
Plus Size White Bridal Corsets

If your dress does not already have a built in corset then wearing one underneath helps to add structure and smooth the bodice. There are many different price points to consider when shopping for a corset especially one for your big day.

Generally, a corset under $50 is a romantic item for the bedroom that is meant more to be pretty than to provide any lasting lift and support. The idea is they probably will not be on long. The $100 range generally includes some real boning to add serious structure as well as better durability. Anything above $200 is for die-hard corset wearers who wear them regularly day to day or who are involved in serious role play. If you do not think this will be a regular thing for you I would suggest the $100 range. Hips and Curves offers plus size corsets in the first two price points I mentioned. Read their sizing information carefully.

DO NOT WAIT until your wedding day to wear the corset. If you have never worn a corset then spend a few months, at the minimum a few weeks, building up your tolerance by wearing it a few hours here and there and eventually wearing it for at least one full day the week before (consider how long you will be in your dress and judge accordingly).

Visit Hips and Curves for plus size wedding corsets and for a little wedding night fun too.

The Convertible Dress

Convertible Wrap Dresses from Monif C
Convertible Wrap Dresses from Monif C

The convertible dress allows you to change your style throughout the day, week, or month. There are over twenty different looks for one Monif C's Marilyn Convertible Dress.

Every season she comes out with a new selection of colors along with a few staples. White usually comes out once a year.

This lightweight maxi dress would be perfect for a beach wedding and/or the next day. It would also be the perfect addition to your honeymoon suitcase.

One dress fits sizes 8 to 24 and because the convertible dress comes in a variety of colors it would make a great option for bridesmaids dresses -- every woman can wear the same color but wrap the dress to their own body! Prices range from $195 to $235 depending on length.

Visit Monif C for the Marilyn Convertible Dress.

Wedding Make-Up Tips

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