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Plus Size Denim

Updated on December 7, 2014

A Woman Never Has Too Many Jeans

"Jeans are my uniform. I have about 15 pairs." ~ Michelle Pfeiffer

Denim has always been a love-hate relationship with me. But denim technology has changed over the years as have their styles. It use to be a plus size woman could not find a decent pair of denim jeans unless she went to the men's department. And we all know men are molded a little differently.

Curvy girls do not have to hide out in sweat pants and elastic waist pants (although there is something to be said for the occasional elastic waist). There are plus size jeans available at a number of excellent online retailers. This lens highlights some of my favorite stores and styles, telling you the options available and where you can get them.

Happy jean shopping!

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plus size jeans from City Chic Online
plus size jeans from City Chic Online

City Chic Online

This Australian plus size clothing company is quickly making a name for itself in the U.S. and Canada. They have over fifty styles of jeans from boot cut to skinny to choose from in sizes 14 to 22 (24 if you shop Lane Bryant/Torrid etc).

Their jeans range in price from $54 to $68 and they offer flat rate shipping of $5 for U.S. and $10 for Canada -- currently free.

Check out the video below to see the jeans in action on four body types.

Visit City Chic Online for plus size jeans.

City Chic Online

Check out their denim in motion!

plus size denim jeans from Lane Bryant
plus size denim jeans from Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Finding the right fit...

A few years ago Lane Bryant introduced its Right Fit Jeans program and that is what enticed me back into a pair of jeans. Specifically their Stretch Book Cut Medium Vintage Sandblast.

The Right Fit Jeans used to be based on four styles of jeans: Stretch Classic, Stretch Bootcut, Stretch Flare, or Houston Pant. With each style affecting how the jeans would fit. It has since evolved into three body cuts: curvy, straight, or moderately curvy with the standard sizing 12 to 38 for each. And for even better fit most jeans come in the option of petite, regular, or tall.

A recent addition to their denim line is the "tummy technology" jean with more elastic to produce a flatter look. Their regular priced denim ranges from $60 to $90.

Visit Lane Bryant to learn more about their Right Fit Jeans.

Plus Size Jeans from Addition-Elle
Plus Size Jeans from Addition-Elle

Addition-Elle / Penningtons

Love and Legend and the Foxy Lady

These sister stores provide a number of options for Canada and the United States through their joined websites. That is right you can shop at both stores at once.

Penningtons has introduced a new line called "Foxy Lady" to compliment their existing MXM and Manager Jeans lines. Addition-Elle has a Love & Legend line as well, Vigoss, Pashu, and the wonderful Yoga Jeans.

Addition-Elle's denim comes in sizes 14 to 24 and ranges in price from $39 to $90 and Penningtons offers a few more sizes at the mid-price range..

Visit Penningtons / Addition-Elle for plus size denim.

Denim Must Haves!

  • Boot Cut Jeans
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Denim Hobo Bag
  • Denim Jacket
  • Long Skirt
  • Mini Skirt


More than a lucky number...

Avenue used to be the home of the signature Seven7 jeans but now they have over 50 styles to choose from.

They come in washed, colored, rhinestone, and cropped styles; as well as wide, cuffed, straight or flared legged. Their denim is available in sizes 14 to 32.

They range in price from $35 to $125 (cheaper during sale season) depending on style. Occasionally they carry a few designs by Jordache, Yanuk, and Antik.

Visit Avenue to learn more about their Seven7 Jeans

Indi Denim

Here's an opportunity to get denim customized to your body. You choose the fabric, wash, style, and finish.

You can choose from super low rise to high rise, zipper or button fly, seven different legs, five different hems, choose the shape of your pocket, add a pocket design or not. Whiskers, distressing, washes? You got it, or not! You can even add your own brand initials.

As of February they have introduced a new plus line called Ashbury. The majority of their styles only go up to 240 lbs (size 20). But the Ashbury goes up to 375lbs.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete order and send. They ship to the U.S. and Canada. These one of a kind denims begin at $145.

Visit IndiDenim for plus size jeans.

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Plus Size Apple Bottoms Jeans
Plus Size Apple Bottoms Jeans

Apple Bottoms Jeans

Good enough to eat...

Apple Bottoms have about ten styles of denim pants and six styles of denim capris to choose from including skinny leg jeans; either with the apple patch or logo.

Not all styles come in all plus sizes but basically range from 15/16 to 23/24. They range in price from $69 to $84.

They also have a small selection of tops, dresses and jackets.

Visit Apple Bottoms to learn more about their plus size denim.

Plus Size Denim on eBay

eBay is a fun place to shop, even for plus size shoppers. I have purchased many clothing items here including jeans -- sometimes jeans no longer in stock in retail locations. The search feature is your friend, use it. Include brand name if there is one you like and your size. If you are tall or petite, include that too. You may come up with nothing or you may come up with a treasure trove. Search at least once a week because you do not know when someone will list their wares. Keep an eye on listed shipping costs as some sellers overcharge while others are exceptionally thoughtful.

What's your style?

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plus size skinny jeans
plus size skinny jeans


Young and hip...

They have over 50 different styles of jeans including Z. Cavaricci, Paris Blues, Apple Bottoms, Dickies Premium and a Torrid label. Standard styles including many of the coveted skinny jeans and jeggings.

One of the styles they are the most popular for are their black skinny jeans which come in regular, tall (extra tall), short (extra short) lengths.

Sizes ranges from size 12 to 26 and prices range from $42 to $79.

Visit Torrid to learn more about their plus size jeans.

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plus size denim from Levi's
plus size denim from Levi's


Made to Last

I grew up in Levi's, specifically 501 blues. Levi's doesn't have plus size 501s yet but they have a promising selection of about ten styles in 512, 580, and 590 with some petite.

Not all come in the full range of sizes, some only go up to 20. But they do have sizes up to 24.

And they are reasonably priced under $50!

Visit Levi's for plus size denim.

Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken has always had a few denim options but this year they have introduced few new offerings: button/zip bootcut jean, button/zip slim jean, stretch jeggings and denim pants. They range in price from $39 to $59 depending on style.

Ulla Popken has one of the best size ranges I have seen for denim, 12 to 38.

Ulla Popken ships throughout the United States and Canada.

Visit Ulla Popken for plus size denim jeans.

The World is Wearing Denim

Click thumbnail to view full-size
By Johnson, flickr ( Formerly Venus, flickr ( FaceMePLS, flickr ( AmyLovesYah, flickr ( V. H. Hammer, flickr (
By Johnson, flickr (
By Johnson, flickr (
By Formerly Venus, flickr (
By Formerly Venus, flickr (
By FaceMePLS, flickr (
By FaceMePLS, flickr (
By AmyLovesYah, flickr (
By AmyLovesYah, flickr (
By V. H. Hammer, flickr (
By V. H. Hammer, flickr (

Embody Denim

An Australian Designer Alternative

Embody Denim was designed by Australian plus size model Natalie Wakeling. There are ten styles to choose from: Bebe, Bella, Ice Queen Skinny, Ice Queen, Tempt Narrow, Tempt, Chic, Fever, Body Love (maternity) and Fever Skirt.

You can shop by style or by body type: pear, love heart, apple, noodle and hourglass. Embody denim is available in sizes 8 - 26 for $249.95 AUD (which is about $170 US).

Embody Denim ships internationally. According to their term and conditions a parcel can get up to three pairs of jeans with a shipping charge of $35 AUD (about $24 US).

Visit Embody Denim for plus size denim.

Silver Jeans Extended Sizes
Silver Jeans Extended Sizes

Silver Jeans

Silver Jeans is a mid-level premium denim line that is sold in Nordstroms, Dillard's, Buckle, Torrent etc; as well as online at their official website.

They have been making jeans since 1991 offering a regular and an extended line in sizes 14 to 24 ranging in price from $60 to $110.

These fashionable and curve flattering jeans are shipped throughout Canada and the United States.

Visit Silver Jeans for extended wear jeans.

Old Navy

For almost everyone...

Their online plus size shop has a number of reasonably priced denim choices for women. Most of them are available in short, regular or long.

Sizes range from 16 - 30 and range in price from $36.50 - $39.50 for regular prices. Their sale prices are quite reasonable too.

Visit Old Navy to learn more about their plus size denim


Breathing new life into an old style

I've been coveting these Stretch Denim Sailor Trousers by Svoboda for some time now. These denim beauties were the love child of designer Jessica Svoboda who provides a new selection of jeans every year.

Svoboda jeans are made in the USA. They come in sizes 10 - 30 for $118.

They have a cut in the waist with a generous cut to the hips and thighs.

Visit Svoboda's official website for plus size jeans.

Thank you for stopping by my plus size denim page. I'd really like to know about your favorite jeans. What is it you love about them? Where are your favorite jeans from? Do tell!

Hey Curvy Chic!

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    • profile image

      ThisGirlWrites 4 years ago

      I almost exclusively buy my jeans from Avenue. I buy them a few times per year during a 40% + off sale and then combine the sale with a coupon. I end up paying about $15 to $20 for a pair of $50 jeans. My favorite way to shop lol.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Love the Calvin Klein Jeans. Skinny women aren't the only ones who look great in jeans!

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 4 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      @KayeSI: That happens, not everything is made for every body type unfortunately. The thing to do is find what works best for you and it sounds like you have found that with the Lee jeans. I tend to stay away from full elastic waist too because they have been link to "pants seniors wear" which is silly right? I remember way back when adults did not wear jeans at all because they were for contractors and kids. Now everyone pretty much wears them.

    • KayeSI profile image

      KayeSI 4 years ago

      Thanks for an interesting visit. My frustration is with the stretch jeans. For some reason, on my body shape, they start out great, then stretch and start to fall off. I think I have a uncooperative baby boomer tummy. :) I don't have to use the full elastic waist jeans, tho they are wonderful for our aging parents when they are having health issues. For me, though, I love the Lee side elastic waist jeans - in pants and shorts. They are great and fit me just right. I do have to order them by mail, but they are worth it. :) Thanks again for an interesting visit.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I am still looking. I am trying to find a plus size skinny Jean that rocks and fits my size 22short frame

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 5 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      @anonymous: The only place I have seen them is on ebay. I have not found new ones in stores. It's probably time to let go of the idea of them and try something new. ;)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Does anybody know where to get 2BW/U to be with you jeans in size 18? i'm totally in love with them and can't find them anywhere!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Awesome lens! I never realized there were so many options, I just stick with what I know. I will have to venture out a bit I see!

    • profile image

      hexagon 6 years ago

      Nice to find denim for us girls with hips and curves. Nice lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      i agree best ever is 2bw/u i also found them at ross ... i was a little ehhhh ... about buying them since i am a plus size chick ... and i hear ppl who are way smaller talk about them not being able to wear them cause they arent skinny ... i got them anyway took me a looong time to do it ... i did and i love em ... i have tried on diff kind of skinny jeans and nothing fits like the 2bw/u and the price is the 2nd best part besides the fit ... iwould say they are at a tie .. lol ... but i haven't found a pair like em again ... i just ordered some from macys after tax and shipping 25 and i don't know how they are going to fit :-(

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      The best jeans EVER are from Jeans Company - I have tried on more than a 100 different jeans from just about every store I have ever been in and stumbled across these jeans at a Ross no less. Being a full figured woman if they fit in the hips then I could wrap the legs around twice and they would still look like bell bottoms! Even the skinny jeans from Lane Bryant looked like boot cut on me. These Jeans are PERFECT! They are a stretch skinny leg and they do not lose their shape even after 12 hours of wearing them they still have the same fit as they did when first put on. After YEARS of frustration I have finally found a pair of jeans that seem to have been made for me. And the best part is that I only paid $15.00 for them! I have since obtained every pair I have come across to make sure that I will always have them.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 8 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      [in reply to Christi] Hi Christi, thanks for stopping by. I would say keep an eye out at ebay. I did a quick search and found a couple there. Maybe check ebay once a week to see what's available and if it fits into your size. You'll probably end up with a great deal or two.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I found these jeans at a store that was closing. Bought a couple pair, wouldn't you know they were the best jeans I ever wore. Can not find them anywhere. Can anyone help me find House of Freedom jeans?

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Thanks for the 411 on where to find such great styles at different prices. I've only recently embraced my full figured self and decided to stop trying to squeeze into clothes that didn't really fit from retailers like GAP to avoid bruising my pride. The info. you provided here will have me back to the fashionable girl I used to be in no time without developing an eating disorder to do it, YIPPEE!

    • Jen Maskill profile image

      Jen Maskill 8 years ago

      I didn't know there was so much choice in denim these days. The last pair of Jeans I had were elasticated waisted and looked like Maternity wear :O

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