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Polka Dot School Bags For Tweens and Teens

Updated on July 29, 2013

Does your tween or teen daughter love polka dots?

A school bag can be dull, or interesting...a tool, or a fashionable tool! Either way, it's going to get some use, this year, and so it might as well be pleasing!

If your daughter loves polka dots, the available choices run the gamut, from standard, to varied, single colored to multi colored. There are school bags of all sorts that you can choose from, and courtesy of the internet, you needn't use a drop of gas to explore the possibilities!

This is one of the most important organizational tools for the tween, at a point when their wold is turned somewhat topsy turvy. Rotation through a schedule of classes, locker stops, and the challenges that go with middle school, will tempt your tween to muddle through. Help her with the challenges of this stage...don't just get her a school bag, but help her to manage it!

Disorganized Tween? Bag Style Matters!

Middle schoolers are notorious stuffers. A narrow top on a school bag is an open door for organizational problems. Wide tops are easier for making the interior of a tween school bag visible and accessible. Messengers are great. So are many backpacks. Avoid narrow closures. Pockets are a plus.

Quilted Backpacks in Polka Dot Motifs

Polka dot motifs are fun, and you'll find a range of options as you explore these quilted designs. Look for contemporary pairings of chocolate and pink, check out the striking contrasts of black and white or opt for multi-colored polka dot packs. You'll find related choices as you explore.

Large Quilted Polka Dots Print Backpack - Black/White (12X15X5.5)
Large Quilted Polka Dots Print Backpack - Black/White (12X15X5.5)

Striking and fun, white polka dots on a black background.


Polka Dot Messenger Bags for Girls from Room It Up

These cute polka dot school bags for girls are perfect as fun school tools, and fashion accessories, as well! Room It Up has many more great motifs, but the polka dots are lots of fun. As you check out these polka dot messengers, keep in mind that crossbody carrying is really nice for providing weight distribution on heavy book loads to kids with many classes or big books. The style of the bag is also really well-suited to teaching optimum organizational skills, especially if you have a middle school tween who can't keep track of her papers.

Room It Up Studio Dot Messenger Bag
Room It Up Studio Dot Messenger Bag

Multi-colored fun, this bag also has many counterparts in backpack and lunch tote accessories.

Confetti Dot Messenger Bag
Confetti Dot Messenger Bag

If your pre-teen daughter loves purple, then this polka dot messenger is a great choice.


Organizational Tip for Tween Polka Dot Backpacks

Your tween's need to organize will probably require direction. Help her by reviewing from time to time, and look for school bags with extra pouches for pencils, calculators and other tools.

Pick a Purple Polka Dot - Coordinating Purple Polka Dot School Bag Choices From Room It Up

The Purple Confetti Dot Design from Room It Up is a fun, and pretty polka dot style...pick the school bag that you love, and a coordinating lunch tote, as well!

Enhance her ability to change things up by providing coordinating accessories that are easy to manage and fun to carry.

Room It Up Confetti Dot Junior Backpack
Room It Up Confetti Dot Junior Backpack

The purple polka dot backpack is perfect for the light load of school books and notebooks.

Room It Up Confetti Dot Crossbody Lunch Tote
Room It Up Confetti Dot Crossbody Lunch Tote

Coordinate with a purse style lunch tote so that it feels like a more mature option for carrying her lunch.


Wildkin School Bags in Polka Dot Motif

Available at Amazon

You'll appreciate the sturdy construction of this pretty pink and polka dot backpack, and you'll love organizational features like storage for her hydration bottle and zipper pouches for pens, pencils and tech tools.

Homework Help

Make sure that the school materials for your tween include a homework journal or log. Check it with her frequently in the early weeks of middle school. Lost homework and books left in lockers are prime reasons for poor performance; monitoring her log of assignments can help in staying on track.

More Polka Dot School Bags from Wildkin

There are so many fun motifs and color choices, and these contemporary color options are great for the hip tween or teen. They are also perfect for the elementary school student who is adamant about color choices.

Wildkin Big Dots Green 15 Inch Backpack
Wildkin Big Dots Green 15 Inch Backpack

Trendy green is great for a variety of settings.

Wildkin Big Dots Macropak Backpack, Big Dot – Pink
Wildkin Big Dots Macropak Backpack, Big Dot – Pink

Pink and chocolate is a contemporary version that many girls really love.


Jansport Polka Dot School Bags

Jansport is a top brand for back-to-school, and this pink polka dot backpack is one of many motifs and colors available in the sturdy construction and quality materials.

Polka Dot School Bags for Tweens and Teens: comments

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    • profile image

      Doc_Holliday 5 years ago

      Cool fashion statement for teens.

    • sagebrushmama profile image

      sagebrushmama 5 years ago

      @Im Horse Crazy: No doubt...we homeschool and use book bags a lot!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      Say, I don't have a tween or a teen, but I FEEL like a teen and would love a polka dot school bag!

    • Im Horse Crazy profile image

      Im Horse Crazy 5 years ago

      People think that homeschooled kids don't use book bags - we do! We're always going somewhere & needing to bring our books with us! Love these bags!

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      Love all of the different color conbos, and a perfect lens for this new theme.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      these are lovely backpacks for girls. i think that boys won't use these. now my polka (dot) quest is fulfilled. blessings.