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Polo Faxon Sneakers

Updated on August 15, 2017

Polo Ralph Lauren in my opinion is definitely a brand that is associated with finesse and style. I own many dress shirts and polo shirts from this brand. When I saw the faxon low sneaker I was automatically drawn to it. I use these shoes with shorts in the summer and long jeans. I haven't used them in the winter yet. I love the lightness and the flexibility of the shoe. Heavy shoes like boots are weary on my feet. Especially when I stand for hours.

Rawhide Laces

The rawhide laces are one of the things that attracted me to the shoe. The way they blend in with the leather and the logo is just appealing to me. They are a bit long. To me that is a good thing, since it gives you the choice to adjust them as you see fit. I find these laces easier to maintain in the long run. Regular laces you have to put in the washer.

The canvas

I think the canvas adds to the enormous flexibility of the shoe. With my shoes I have noticed that proper care of the canvas over time really helps with the overall look of the shoe. Now I use a shoe cleaner. This enhances the look of your shoe.

The White Bottoms

The white bottoms are great and they require maintenance over time or they will just look dirty. Shoe wipes do the trick. I sometimes also use soap and water with an old toothbrush. The sole of the she is great after a few days. Initially it a little slippery however, that's normal for shoes with flat soles. Just be careful when you take your steps.


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