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How To Care For Designer Polo Shirts for Men

Updated on March 20, 2013

What To Look For In Mens Quality Designer Polo Shirts

When looking for a casual businesses clothing for men polo shirts often come up. Polo shirts for men can be very versatile and can be found in many style to complement many styles of casual office clothing.

The big thing to think about when getting a polo for men is not just how it looks now but how it will look after a few washes. Most cheap polos will not make it past 20 washes before being put in the don't' wear to work pile.

It is something about the how a polo is cut and the material that is used that makes it very assessable to damage when not taken care of right.So when Looking for the right polo shirt you may have a lot of choices but make sure to look for quality as well, or your cheap shirt might as well just be an expensive dust rag.

Button Up Polo Shirt
Button Up Polo Shirt

How Far Should A Man Button Up A Polo Shirt?

A polo button usually has three buttons, the third button typically should stay open. Although some Polos are now coming with only two buttons and their is no button where the third one use to be.

If you are concerned about if an unbuttoned polo shirt is to informal for the office or event you are attending, then you probably should go with a button up shirt instead.

To make sure you look extra good in a polo wear a shirt underneath. Many men wear white, but sometimes a undershirt that matches the top shirt is more appropriate. Only a little bit of the undershirt is seen under a polo shirt, so may sure if you wear white the collar is bright white.

How To Keep A Mens Polo Shirt Callar From Curling Up

One of the big hassles of wearing a polo is that after some wear and tear, the collars start to curl up. When this happens the shirt starts to look cheap and the corners begin to fray.

The best fix I have found to this problem is by using No Curl Collar Stay specifically made and designated for polo shirts. You will find that many golf club workers have already found out this secret.

No Curl Collar Polo Shirt Collar Stays
No Curl Collar Polo Shirt Collar Stays

These are simple patches that can be ironed on permanently to a polo shirt to keep the collar in place and prevent curling. Will keep a shirt looking new longer.

Avoid Damaging Collars of Mens Polo Shirts
Avoid Damaging Collars of Mens Polo Shirts

How To Avoid The Shrinking Polo Shirt

When I think of a shrinking polo shirt I think of Homer Simpson with his belly protruding from his shirt. No really a fashion statement anyone is wanting to make. But do to the fabric most brands of Polos shrink if not washed and dried correctly.

To prevent shrinkage of a all cotton Polo button shirt completely and turn shirt inside out. Make sure it is washed in cool water. If washed in warm or hot it will almost automatically shrink.

IMPORTANT: Avoid putting a polo shirt in the dryer for more then a few minutes. This is where the major damage happens. Instead put shirt on flat surface and allow to dry. If needed you can finish drying it in the dryer just to get it to the point where it feels nice and fluffy.

Polo Golf Shirts For Men - Designer Mens Polo Golf Shirts

A polo golf shirt is not just any type of polo shirt. A real polo golf shirt for a man is one that is made out of thick and fade resistant material. If you are on the golf field you do not want a shirt that you will have to worry about the sun fading it nor do you want a shirt where as you will look terrible in while walking off the court.

Stiff Polo Shirt
Stiff Polo Shirt

Why Is My Polo Shirt So Stiff?

When air drying a Polo shirt sometimes it turns out to be stiff. It can even start to smell if it is not washed currently.

To avoid this make sure to wash in soap that does not have a lot of chemicals and to lay out shirt as soon as possible after it is washed.

The wet shirt will soak up scents that is around it while it is still wet so it is important to put a shirt where scents are not a problem. Kitchen areas, bathrooms and basements tend to not be a good place to lay shirts flat.

If shirt is stiff after it has laid out to dry, put it in the dryer for just a few minutes with a damp cloth. It is important not to let the shirt be in the dryer for more then a minute or two.

How to Iron Men's Polo Shirt

Unless shirt tag says otherwise, iron setting should be on a high setting meant specifically for cotton material.

Spread the shirt over the ironing board with collar inside up. Iron inside the collar first.

Lay the shirt back down with collar hanging over edge on the opposite side your standing in to avoid wrinkles.Using wide strides as mentioned above start at the corner of one shoulder and work your way down to the bottom. You may need to slide the shirt up a bit to finish bottom portion.

Turn shirt over and follow the steps starting with the sleeves.

Place the edge away from you, and the sleeves laid out to your left and right. Begin ironing the sleeves from the center toward the cuff.

Next iron the back of the shirt starting at the collar and sweeping toward the bottom.Slide the shirt away from you to finish the bottom portion.

Reposition the shirt with the front side up and the collar just hanging off the edge away from you.

Before finished look over shirt to see if collar or sleeves need to be gone over again.

What Type Of Polo Shirts For Men Are You Looking For?

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