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Postpartum Swimwear (concealing stretch marks and pouches)

Updated on April 24, 2012

What to wear to the pool after having a baby

Congratulations on your new little one! I recently had my first and I just adore him! However, I don't adore my post-baby body as much. Yeah, my stretch marks and pouch will lessen, they're the marks of motherhood, I should feel proud of and love my new skin, etc etc etc. Whatever. I will get there. But right now, I just want to go to the pool and not feel gross! Here are some tips on kinds of swim suits to buy, accessories you'll love, and tips to conceal those stretch marks. You'll be having fun in the sun with the confidence of your pre-pregnancy self!

(Photo shown is Jantzen Ruched Surplice One Piece Swimsuit from

Talk it out

Are you comfortable in your post-baby body?

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a tearing and scarring in the dermis (middle layer) of skin. They are off-color, ranging from deep purple to gray, and show through the top layer of skin. They feel like indentions when the dermis isn't supported. Because it's the middle layer of skin that's the problem, lotions won't really help much. Genetics and luck are the two biggest factors, with hydration coming in at a distant third.

Stretch marks:

They grow on you. Like, literally.

Concealing stretch marks

First things first: Be sure to drink plenty of water, take your multi-vitamins, and apply a good moisturizer. These things together keep your skin hydrated, elastic, and supple, which helps old marks to heal while preventing new ones.

Some things you can use:

1. Waterproof foundation. This might help to conceal the marks, depending on how heavy and high quality it is.

2. Spray tan. Experiment with several so you don't turn Snooki orange!

3. Bronzer. Match a bronzer to your skin tone and use it to camouflage lighter stretch marks. This will wash off in the water.

4. Dermablend! This stuff is amazing! It conceals things perfectly, looks natural, and doesn't come off in the water. Awesome!!

Dermablend review

I ran across this the other day. She uses it to cover a dark tattoo, which is far more difficult to conceal than stretch marks.

Dermablend is available on Amazon

Be sure to pick up the finishing powder AND a cream that matches your skin tone in the area you'll be using it!

Swim suit styles

Flattering styles to help hide stretch marks

Still not completely comfortable or don't want to wear concealer? No problem! I've compiled a list of flattering swim suit styles to keep you feeling confidant!

The classic one-piece: but make sure it has a plunge neckline or ruching to hide the pouch!

Skirted one-piece: you know, Marilyn Monroe style.

Tankini: make sure it's TIGHT. I'd probably get a rouched top here, too.

Tankini with shorts: hide some thigh stretch marks!

High-waisted bikini bottoms: briefs, shorts, or skirts. They make AMAZING briefs that such your pouch in!

Swim suits on Amazon - Pick a suit to match your style!

I hand-picked these suits to help cover stretch marks and hide tummy pouches!

Echo Design Women's Color-Blocked One-Piece Swimsuit
Echo Design Women's Color-Blocked One-Piece Swimsuit

This is AWESOME. Not only is it ruched, but the color blocking camouflages the pouch, too!


Everyone needs a miraclesuit!!

I just discovered these. They're AMAZING! They hide tummy pouches with camouflage and by sucking them in, and some are even convertible, to hide leg stretch marks! I think I'll own about 5 of them by the end of the summer!

Swim suit cover-ups - Another great option is to wear something cute over your normal swim suit.

From sarongs to breezy "dresses," here are some gorgeous options that I'd wear even without stretch marks!

Alki'i Misses Halter Top Beach Dress
Alki'i Misses Halter Top Beach Dress

I love love love how Hollywood this is!

Casual Moments 32" V-Neck Cover Up with Sheering
Casual Moments 32" V-Neck Cover Up with Sheering

I have one and wear it all the time, not just to the pool!

Swimsuit Sarong Wrap with Easy Built in Ties Black
Swimsuit Sarong Wrap with Easy Built in Ties Black

This is great if you want to hide stretch marks on your calves.


What's your secret to a great postpartum swim suit season?

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    • SewingMama profile image

      SewingMama 5 years ago

      @Lee Hansen: I only recently got my extreme stretch marks, but I am going with a bikini top and high-waisted brief. My stretch marks go up to my belly button and the brief is perfect! I love tankinis, too!

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 5 years ago from Vermont

      I had to give up the bikini but I can get away with a two piece or tankini. Of course I got my extreme stretch marks 45 years ago.

    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I have a belly, but not from kids. I don't think these styles would suit me, ha! However, they look like they would help a lady who is postpartum. Good idea for a lens!