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Why pre bonded extensions are great for quick and easy application

Updated on September 7, 2011
Pre-bonded hair extensions are ideal for special occasions or just when you want to look and feel good; keep pre bonded hair extensions in stock at home ready for use when needed. Pre bonded hair extensions are so quick to apply that you really can grab them and add them at the last minute if you decide to go for an evening out or get invited out for a date.

Whenever you want to look great you may want to use pre bonded hair extensions, this includes when you want to use a particular style that may need thicker or longer hair than you have including up do styles. Special occasions where you may want these kind of styles could be all day events like weddings or even something like a holiday where you want to look great everyday; pre bonded extensions will last for some time if added properly. Pre bonded hair extensions are even water proof with glue that lets you wash your hair if you keep it in for a while or even swim if you are going to be on a holiday by the beach or the pool.
Of course it may just be a night out, unlike with something like a clip in extension pre bonded hair extensions will easily last a night out and won’t slip or come loose and of course will be very difficult to spot in contrast as well.

Home Use
Pre bonded extensions can be added very quickly and very well in a salon but there real value is that with a bit of practice you can use them just as easily at home either applying them yourself or getting a friend to help you.

Glue type
Pre bonded hair extensions may be hot or cold fusion. They will usually be hot fusion though which means they will last longer but a heat source must be used. In a salon a heat gun will be used which can burn the scalp. You may well not have a heat gun at home but pre bonded hair extensions are available that bond at a much lower temperature so a hair dryer will suffice: these may not hold as well in hot weather however.
The glue quality will differ so it is worth paying a little more and getting glue that will not harm your scalp or hair. The best glues are made using Keratin proteins that are made of a similar substance to your hair to begin with.

How to use
Pre bonded hair extensions can be placed on to the head to bond against the roots of other wefts of your own hair: this way they easily blend together once attached and look far more natural.
With a heat gun if needed bond the pre bonded hair extensions to your own hair. Once the glue is set you can blend in the hair extensions and your own hair by brushing them to mix them. Also you may want to cut your hair so the style matches and the lengths are what you want. For this reason and others real rather than synthetic hair is going to be an ideal option.
When it comes to removing pre bonded hair extensions it is a simple matter of heating the glue so that it melts, the majority of the glue will come away with the hair extension and the rest should wash out.

Comparison to other hair extension types
Clip in hair extensions are quicker but they can easily slip out while you are using them and will more importantly leave lumps under your hair and hair that appears raised up from the scalp. Glue in hair extensions have some similarities to micro ring hair extensions but are much quicker to add and take out again. More traditional braid or weave extensions often need to be done in a salon to be done well and are designed to last a very long time and priced accordingly, they are therefore impractical for occasional use.


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