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Premium Leather-Like Expandable Briefcase in Black

Updated on August 3, 2014
The "RoadPro CAP-003PM-BK" Briefcase:


I stumbled on this gem of a find on Amazon.  I had never heard of an "expanding" briefcase.  It's a handy feature for when you end up needing to carry more than you planned.  Just pop off the straps inside, and suddenly your briefcase is extra-deep.  Yay, space to bring home even *more* work!

Changeable Locks

Seriously though, this briefcase has one of my very favorite features; the combination locks that can be changed. (I hate the factory preset ones; they're never something that I can remember!)

Pockets and Sections

I like that it has plenty of pockets and clips to hold things separate. Much better than the big jumbled mess of my current messenger-bag!  The top section has a pocket for folders, held up so that you can flip through their tabs at eye level while the briefcase is sitting on the desk or table.  The three pen holding clips at the top edge of the lid are great for keeping track of the pens that I'm so tired of having to replace.

Classic Styling

The black 'leather like' outside is the simple, classic style, with sturdy stitching for years of durability. I like that it's realistic, without any animals having had to did for it.  It's a nice looking case, that I will send as a gift with confidence. (If you have a recent graduate, or soon to be graduate, heading off to the business world, a briefcase makes an excellent present!)

Good Feedback

I like to read what other people have said about their experience with a product before I make a purchase.  This briefcase has 4 stars on Amazon, which makes me feel secure buying it online.


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