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The Preppy lifestyle / clothing / fashion – what's a true preppy style

Updated on December 17, 2011

In another hub, I wrote about the preppy style and how to dress preppy. In this hub, I will focus more on the preppy lifestyle and the sub-culture. In the early 2000's, the preppy style enjoyed some popularity and clothing retailers that are associated with the style enjoyed lots of success. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch (which is not really preppy but do have some preppy items) were very popular among teenagers and young adults.

What is a true prep? Preps are all about old money which means your family was wealthy from many generations ago. The style reflects that aspect. This fashion is very old-fashioned, classic and focuses on clothing that never goes out of style. Clean-cut is also something that each prep should learn to maintain. It is also about good grades and going to an ivy league university to continue the image of a well educated family that is from old money.

Preppy colors for women? These colors should be bright and pastel. Hot pink is not one of them. Pastel pink and green are colors of choice for women. No, your whole outfit should not contain these two colors excessively. It should be primarily white (or neutral) with these two colors on it. In general, preppy colors are bright and happy. A true prep is well mannered, educated and happy. So, the style including the color should reflect that.

For true preps, quality is always over quantity. A lot of popular fast fashion stores such as forever21 are aimed at imitating the latest fashion; preps are on the other end. Their clothing are always made of fine material that is meant to last for a long time. That is called classic clothing that are forever in style. Fine materials such as very good cotton, wool and cashmere are what true preps indulge in.

Preppy girls wear real antique jewelry from their mothers, grandmothers and other older family relatives. Some have nice pearl necklaces and earrings. Antique jewelry is very traditional and fitting for a prep. Unlike fashion jewelry that most girls wear nowadays, these antique jewelry are very pricy and traditional in their styling. Also, wearing excessive jewelry is not preppy.

Preppy is all about the attitude. As I mentioned before, a true prep is a wealthy person that gets their wealth from many generations ago. The attitude is very lady like for women and gentleman for men. Women have classic hairstyles. Long straight hair with no bangs is the most common. Most preps use a headband that is of prep colors (pastel pink and green) or pattern to make the hair stay in place.


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