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Realistic Fairy Tattoos

Updated on August 6, 2015

Fairy tattoos are a fun and whimsical style of tattoo to get. There is such a wide selection of fairy tattoos to choose from. There are comical ones that resemble something you would see in a comic book. Some people would rather have a fairy like creature, but have a more realistic human type of fairy.

Another very important aspect of a fairy is the wings, some people like petite sized wings while other people like large very detailed wings. The appeal of the fairy is the magical feel that it carries.

The other thing people like is the extras they can add to the fairy tattoo. Because of the magical feel of the fairy you can things that represent a magical world. There aren't a whole lot of tattoos you can do this with.

Unique Fairy Tattoo

Cute Fairy Tattoo

Tinkerbell Fairy Tattoo

Pretty Fairy Tattoo

Different Fairy Tattoo


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