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You can now use this miracle oil that has been kept secret for centuries

Updated on April 26, 2012

You can now use this miracle oil that has been kept secret for centuries

You can now use this miracle oil that has been kept secret for centuries

The healing properties of this oil
have been kept secret by the natives
of Chile for centuries.

True Rose Hip Oil comes from Chile.

It is extracted from the seeds of
the wild rose bush that grows in the
lush mountain rainy valleys of the
Southern Andes in Chile.

The wild rose is known by the
natives as Rosa Mosqueta.

Rose Hip Oil contains natural
trans-retinoic acids in its
natural state.

In the past, this ingredient, in its synthetic form was
only available through a prescription from
your doctor.

Since Rose Hip oil is a
natural and safe source, you are able
to reap the benefits without a prescription.
Trans - Retinoic Acids plump fine lines
and erase wrinkles from your skin.

Rose Hip Oil contains Retinol, Omega 6, Omega 9,
Beta Carotene, Pro Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
Rose Hip Oil also contains antioxidants.

The oil is very useful in healing scars
from surgical and accidental damage to the
skin. It gives skin strength and elasticity.

It helps to deeply moisturize your skin and
regenerates damaged cells.

Rose Hip Oil is very effective in reversing
sun damage. It does an excellent job of
treating burns on skin and treats skin that has
been exposed to radiotherapy.

Rose Hip Oil aides in helping psoriasis
and other types of skin problems. It
revitalizes dry and dull skin. Good at
treating dermatitis and dry skin and eczema.

It is famous for healing scars including
acne scars.

Rose Hip Oil should not be used on acne prone
skin since it clogs your pores.

Using Rose Hip Oil twice a day can reduce
scar tissue as well as stretch marks.

The oil is very clear and light.
It absorbs quickly into your skin.
Rose Hip Oil can be used directly on your
skin and does not need to be diluted.

Rose Hip Oil is a very delicate oil
and should be kept refrigerated.
Buy only small quantities to avoid spoilage.


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