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How to prevent razor bumps

Updated on October 16, 2012

Prevent razor bumps using the following simple steps

Why prevent razor bumps? Razor bumps are small bumps that appear on the skin after shaving. There is no one specific type of razor bump and the type you can potentially get depends on a lot of different factors, not least your skin type. At best razor bumps are red and unsightly. At worst razor bumps are ugly, painful and infectious, so it is easy to see why we need to prevent razor bumps.

If you want to prevent razor bumps adhere to the following steps and you will experience a close and comfortable shave that will be razor bump free.

Prevent razor bumps by preparing the area to be shaved

The first step to prevent razor bumps is to prepare the area you are going to shave. Simply attacking the hair with a razor is going to hurt and is likely to result in both razor bumps and shaving burn.

If the hair is longer than half an inch I would always recommend using some clippers on the lowest setting to get rid of the majority of the hair in the first instance. Once the long hair has gone you need to soften the remaining hair. The best way of doing this is to submerse a flannel in hot water (the hotter the better), ring out and then place on the area to be shaved for three to five minutes.

Conair facial sauna

A steaming hot flannel is a good way to prepare your face for shaving, however if you have the time there is a better way, which is to have a facial sauna. A facial sauna will not only moisten the hair and skin, but also open the pores so it will refresh and revitalise your whole face.

I was introduced to a facial sauna a few years ago and I now use one before each and every shave as they really do work. Facial saunas aren't expensive, in fact they are very affordable, and they are worth every cent.

So, if you want a close and comfortable shave without any razor bumps or shaving burns I recommend buying a facial sauna.

Prevent razor bumps by moisturizing after shaving

Wiping a razor blade across the skin is obviously going to have some effects on the skin. The scraping of the blade, the blade nicking uneven parts of the skin, the blade slicing through pimples and spots etc. all dry the skin out and leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. As shaving dries out the skin the most important thing to do post shaving is to apply a moisturizer to rehydrate the skin and replenish it.

Products with a high alcohol content will really dry out the skin, therefore the best moisturizers are alcohol free, non greasy, hypo allergenic and fragrance free. There are many after shave moisturizers out there to choose from, and there is one for all skin types so there is something for everyone.

The secret is to buy a sample size of a few, try them out and use the one most suitable for your skin. The important thing is to make sure you moisturize after each and every shave to prevent razor bumps.

Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion

Neutrogena are a company that produces excellent after shave moisturizers and the Triple Protect Face Lotion is the best one I have found to date. This after shave moisturizer is fragrance free, hypo allergenic and easy to apply, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple but not greasy.

The Triple Protect Face Lotion also contains SPF20 which means the skin is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are days when you really should wear sun cream but don’t because the sun doesn’t seem quite “strong enough” and this after shave moisturizer is perfect for these days.

Neutrogena claims that Triple Protect Face Lotion is also anti ageing, and whilst I can’t confirm this, I can confirm this after shave moisturizer is exceptionally good and will leave your skin feeling real nice post shave.

Prevent razor bumps by using a straight razor

If you want to prevent razor bumps the best type of razor you can use is a straight edged razor. Whilst multiple safety razor blades are easy to use they do have a habit of clogging up with shaving gel/foam and small pieces of hair, both of which are almost impossible to rinse out of the blades. This shaving gel/foam and small pieces of hair sit in between the blades festering away and “growing”. The next time the razor blade is used there is a chance some of the shaving gel/foam and pieces of hair will get in your pores, leading to some nasty shaving bumps.

When you use a straight razor you can thoroughly clean the blade and remove all excess shaving gel/foam and pieces of hair, therefore the chances of razor bumps is non-existent when you next use the razor. So, if you want to prevent razor bumps ditch the safety razor cartridges and buy a straight razor.

Dovo straight edged razor

There is a learning curve in using a straight razor, and since most of them are expensive many people are put off trying one, but you don’t have to be one of them if you buy the Dovo straight razor. The Dovo straight razor is affordable, and whilst it may not be as strong and robust as other straight razors it is good quality and will last, and since it is made out of aluminium it is lightweight, comfortable to use and won’t tarnish.

The Dovo straight razor uses single disposable blades that are exceptionally sharp and will last a several shaves. The disposable blades are also very cheap, much cheaper than disposable safety blades, and a box of 100 costs a few dollars and will last many months. If you want to shave on a budget the Dovo straight razor is the ideal razor for you.

If you want a close, comfortable and cheap shave I can highly recommend the Dovo straight razor. It may take a while to learn to use, but stick with it and you will get there.

Prevent razor bumps by using hypo allergenic shave gel or foam

If you want to prevent razor bumps you need to make sure you never ever dry shave and the best way to do this using a good quality shave gel or foam. A quality shaving gel/foam lubricates the skin and makes sure the razor blade slides over the skin cutting the hair only. The best shaving gels and foams are non-perfumed, hypo allergenic and non greasy. Alcohol causes the skin to dry out, which will lead to irritation, so you need to make sure any shaving gel/foam is alcohol free.

There are plenty of different brands of shave gel/foam available on the market so you have a large choice. In order to find the best shaving gel/foam for your skin type it is advisable to buy sample packs of several different types, use them and see which works best for you.

Gilette shave gel (multi pack)

There are many different types of shaving gel available and one of the best is Gilette, which is also the most well known and recognised. I have sensitive skin and I find many brands of shaving gel/foam dries out my skin and leave it itchy, sore and irritated. Gilette Sensitive shaving gel has never had this effect on me which is why it is my shaving gel of choice and a brand I would definitely recommend.

The cheapest way of buying Gilette shaving gel is in bulk as there are always bargains to be had. If you are worries that you won’t use all the Gilette shaving gel if you buy in bulk, don’t worry as it lasts for ages and you will get through it eventually, as well as saving yourself some cash than if oyu bought it in single canisters.

Prevent razor bumps by using good quality shave oil

Another thing you can do to prevent razor bumps is to apply good quality shave oil over the area you are going to shave. The shave oil lubricates the skin and provides a barrier between the skin and the razor blade. The shave oil also ensures the razor will glide smoothly across the skin, cleanly cutting the hair as it goes, and not cut in to the skin.

Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil

The All Natural shaving oil from the Pacific Shaving Company is an excellent saving oil that results in a close, comfortable shave that will leave you razor bump free. Whilst the All Natural shaving oil may seem expensive, but when you consider it will last for more than 400 shaves, it is easy to see that it is actually cheap and great value for money.

If oyu have any comments, rants or raves please feel free to note them in my guestbook. Similarly, if you have any other advice or tips on how to prevent razor bumps please note them here for us all to see. Thanks.

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