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Princess Elsa's Costume

Updated on May 8, 2015

Princess/Queen Esla's dress kept me wondering about the future of humanity!

Right now as I am writing this my daughter came to ask me for something and she saw the picture she immediately said: "I wanna buy that one! I wanna buy that one! I wanna buy that One!". They know what they are doing and I got to admit they're good at it.

My daughter (8) who is separated from her mother and younger sister to live with me, and expect me to keep her having at least as much fun as she used to have before this separation, watched the Disney movie "Frozen" this winter of 2014. Right after she watched the movie she started searching the Internet on her tablet looking for Elsa's dress for sale.

She found some and she was excited they're really affordable. Or this is what she thought. The dress was in an auction on eBay and every minute the price kept going up until she gave up refreshing at $79.

And since I am not an eBay-person I checked on Amazon just to find this dress in the picture at $497! I tweeted about it wondering how much her wedding dress will be.

Just around her birthday I decided to give it another shot, maybe someone is selling it for cheaper on Amazon. I found the same store selling it for $149. Yesterday it went up to $170-ish something and today it is $159.98.

I first guessed it's supply and demand, and capitalism at their worst. After a little reading I figured out it's listed on Amazon website from different sellers, and the price listed is the lowest. As one of them runs out of supply the price changes to the next lowest price.

Here is the dress I am writing about: Disney Store Frozen Princess Elsa Costume

Please note: when it was available at Disney store it was $50!

princess/queen elsa's costume dress
princess/queen elsa's costume dress

Princess Esla's Dress Customer Review

As I went through the customers review on Amazon I found that almost 40% of the reviews are criticizing the price, not the dress. I understand their point. I am in the same situation right now: my daughter wants this dress and under her pressure (right now as I am typing) I might buy this one in particular. I am just trying to figure out should I get the 7/8 (as she's 8) to perfectly fit her or the 9/10 so that she might use it a little longer despite it will obviously be too loose for her.

The rest of the reviews that actually discuss the dress itself are very positive, except for one that's extremely hilarious (check it out here, it's #5 titled "Magical").

In the following few paragraphs I'll share with you my summary of those reviews from the perspective of a parent shopping for his daughter. Then I'll share with you some cheaper alternatives, but not the same quality.

Pros of Disney Store Princess Elsa's Dress

Almost all of the poistive reviews of the dress agree that the girls love it so much because they love the movie, the material is of high quality that doesn't itch, can be easily washed and reused without looking ugly, and it is the best version in the market. The cape flows behind the dress like in the movie.

For me this is all what I wanted to hear. It's a birthday gift, and even if she's not going to use it any longer I still would consider it. And since I am the one who's doing the laundry I am more concerned about the farbic and washability. The size is also an issue. The dress is not cheap and I kind of hesitant to pay that much for a dress to be used for a few days. So it is important for me to know how it fits. Most reviewrs say it has room to grow, while only one advises to buy one size bigger.

Reviewers also mentioned the details on the cape and snow flakes, which is expected because it produced by Disney, the creator of the movie. The fine glitter kind of falls all over the place, which gives the kids the feel of magical sparkles, but a lot of work for the parents to clean after.

It made her so happy

Cons of Princess/Queen Elsa's Costume

The dress itself has one flaw, which is the fine glitter falling all the time. At one point it will run out of it and I expect it to look a bit less sparkly and less magical.

Other than that it's the sellers that need to be ckecked in place. The dress is insanely over priced. It costs $50 from Disney, but those sellers on Amazon are charging triple and quadrople the price.

The girls love it and they are the only reason smeone might pay 4 times the original price of an already overpriced dress for a girl who'll outgrow it in less than a year.

The seller marked it to $500 then had to go down to $200 and below probably because of the negative reviews from angry parents. I am one of those angry parents by the way, except that didn't leave a comment. The sellers are using the popularity of the movie and the huge demand from the fan base of Queen Elsa to take advantage of the pressure the kids put on their parents.

My decision

The dress looks like a high quality production from Disney, even better than all the costumes they produced before. So it might be worth the extra money. The price changes have no regular pattern, it keeps going up and down. So there's no point of waiting for the lowest price point. It's a birthday gift and I am ok with it.

If you are not ok with the price and would like to punish the sellers for their greediness there are two options:

1. There are other versions on that are not made by Disney and they sell for as low as $20. Of course there will be a difference in the quality and could be a one-time use only kind of thing.

2. There are other versions NOT made by Disney on Etsy. It's a great alternative if you want to help an individual who is making these dresses by hand to support his/her family.

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