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Prom Hairstyles That Complement Your Prom Dress

Updated on November 13, 2013

Prom is an occasion that every girl wants to look her best. Indeed, you HAVE to look beautiful. Prom makes you feel as the most beautiful girl on this planet. And that's the way you need to step out of school, feeling confident, beautiful and mature about yourself.

This article is about prom hairstyles that suit your prom dress. I hope they might help you.

Here we go...

First off, you need a prom dress that helps accentuate your best body features. You have to select your prom dress depending on the type of your body figure (hourglass, inverted triangle etc).
After selecting your prom dress, now you got to select the right hairstyle. The idea is to balance all elements. Like if you wear an updo with a strapless dress, it's all going to be your neck and shoulders. So, it's important to strike a balance.
Here are some useful tips:

Off- shoulder dress

Here you are subtly showing off your skin. There is not point if you wear your hair down here, its gonna look like you are wearing a spaghetti dress. The idea is to balance out all the elements, accentuate your body features and your dress. So, you can wear your hair like a messy updo or like a back ponytail. This helps show off your beautiful off shoulder dress.

Strapless dress

Here, you have lot of options.You can pull your hair to a side or do a half updo and let 2-3 strands fall in the front of your neck (do not overdo this, because its gonna end up looking all suffocating). However, if you are wearing a chunky necklace, then go for an updo.

Side swept hair looks classy and feminine on your strapless gown

Go romantic with these feminine waves!!!

Do an updo if you are wearing a chunky necklace with your strapless gown!!

Sphagetti or V neck dresses

You can go for a half updo or braided ponytails . Waves are totally in this season, curl your hair to go for the romantic, feminine look
You can go for a half updo or braided ponytails . Waves are totally in this season, curl your hair to go for the romantic, feminine look

Halter necks

Updos, updos, updos.
Updos, updos, updos.

Pretty Prom-Ready Hair by Leyla !! Check this great hairstyle !!

Other tips

# Try to keep bangs out of your face.

# Go for soft side swept look. Oval shaped faces, can totally pull off front poofs. For round faces, go for side swept look to avoid looking chubby.

# If you are going for sophisticated look, go for sexy Straight hair

# Voluminize your crown for a dramatic look.

# You don't have to stick with these rules, they change when you add more accessories to your outfit. Play with hair, you are gonna figure out awesome hairstyles by yourself !

So, what are you wearing for prom this year? I'd love to hear!! :-)


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    • BeautyAndTheRest profile image

      BeautyAndTheRest 5 years ago

      I am glad that helped :) !!

    • urmilashukla23 profile image

      Urmila 5 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      Great suggestion! This will help my daughter to select her hair style for the prom. Thanks.