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Prom Hair Styles |Prom Hairstyles

Updated on April 26, 2012

Prom Hair Styles

Finding just the right prom hair style can take a little bit of time.  You can look through magazines, newspapers, watch television and still not find the right look.

Check out some of our prom hair style galleries online to quickly find the hair style that you are looking for.

We have examples of updos, partial updos, formal updos, easy updos, long and straight, long and curly, long and wavy, short, medium-----You name it, we have an example of every type of hair style available.

Be sure to check out our prom resources and gallery links listed below! 

Inside Prom Hair at

Prom Hair Style Gallery at

Hot new Gallery at

Prom Resource Center at

Prom Hair Styles Galleries at Hair Resources


AND CHECK OUT OUR Live demonstration of how you can find your next prom hair style  online and try it on before you even get it done.  SEE HAIRSTYLES DEMO

Prom Hairstyles + Dresses Gallery
Prom Hairstyles + Dresses Gallery

Prom Hairstyles and Dresses

Finding the perfect combo

The hairstyle, dress and accessories all go together for the perfect prom look. What color should your dress be? Should you go with strapless, one shoulder?

Sometimes it is best to combine a fancy dress with a simple elegant style. Or the opposite of a simple dress and elaborate hairstyle. Usually it is considered overkill to have the fancy dress and elaborate hairstyle together.

Check out some unique prom looks including the dress and the hairstyle.

Long, wavy hairstyles ideas for prom
Long, wavy hairstyles ideas for prom

Prom Hairstyles Guide

Hair Ideas for Prom

There are so many different options for your prom hair style for this year. Consider a curly look, layered long hair or even some fringe, curly strands combined with an updo hairstyle.

CLICK ON PHOTO to see many options.

Updos, Partial Updos for Prom

Updated gallery has new looks

If you want to wear an updo hair style, or maybe a partial updo hair style, there are many different ways to go. There is the simple twist updo where all the hair is pulled back into a chignon. Then there is the messy looking updo. This type of hair style actually takes a lot longer to create- which is sort of funny if you think about it.

Don't forget about the partial updo, where only a portion of the hair in the crown area is pulled back into a ponytail with cute barrettes or ponytail holders.

Anyway, check out the new galleries over at

Hair Styles for Prom

Check out these 4 great prom hairstyles ideas

Looking for ideas for your prom hair style? Check out these 4 great looks. Includes partial updos, updos and long sleek hair. Pick one of these styles and you will look amazing for prom. Click on photo to see all 4 hair styles.

Courtney's hairstyle is perfect for the prom for several reasons. The first reason is that it is very easy to style on your own. You can create this style on your own. You will need some hair products, like styling cream and shine spray, and hot appliances like a hair dryer and a flat iron. Of course it will take some time to create the style. The second reason that it is a great style is the way the style looks so smooth. The smoothness and shine make any hairstyle look gorgeous.


To create extra shiny looking hair, you can apply a shine spray to the hair after styling. Another great way to improve the condition of your hair is to apply a deep conditioner once a week for about 30 minutes. The conditioner will help restore your locks and increase the shine.

Very cute prom hair styles ideas
Very cute prom hair styles ideas

Prom Hair Styles

It is never too early or late to find your prom hair style

Whether you are scrambling to find a prom hair style at the last minute or you are searching months in advance, it is never to late or early to check out prom hair styles. Capturing the best look takes planning and trial and error. Schedule a trial run with your hair stylist to get the absolute best look. Be sure to bring several photos of updos that you like and show them to your stylist. A picture is worth a thousand words - your stylist will be able to see exactly what you want.

Prom Hairstyles Review

Finding the right prom or formal hair style

If you are looking for just the right prom hair style, you may become very frustrated. Maybe you aren't exactly sure what you are looking for, but you know when you see an example of a prom hair style that you will know exactly what you want.

As I frequently look for different types of hair styles, it became very clear that there needed to be an online source where you could go and look at different hair styles.

Most of the hair style sites out there are just full of spam and tons of popups. These sites can be very frustrating as your time for finding a style runs out.

So, if you are loking for a non-spammy, great resource to find prom hair styles, visit There are many different styles to pick from and there is even a demo where you can actually try on the hair styles.

How will you wear your hair for prom?

Want to find out how everyone is wearing their hair for prom? Make a statement with a different look or wear your hair the same way as everyone else---whatever you wish. Enter your answer below

How will you wear your hair this prom?

See results

Black Prom Hair Styles

Slightly messy updo hair style

Create this great prom hair style by pulling back all hair loosely and twisting into a chignon, pinning pin place about mid-height.

If you want the curly/wavy look, you should add curls with a curling iron before you pull your hair back.

Add height in the crown area by back-combing small sections of hair gently and smoothing over the top with your fingers.

Pull out a few wispy strands of hair around the face for the extra soft, sexy look.

For more great prom hair ideas, visit and

Different spin to prom updo hair styles

How to make your hair style stand out

If you want your hair style to look totally different, you can make little small changes for a great dramatic effect.

See example hair style photo. The model has all of her hair pulled back neatly into a sleek and smooth updo with a center part. She has taken several strands in the front on each side and added little S-shape curves to the strands.

The curled strands are then positioned on the sides of her face for a great modern updo.

This is an easy spin to the updo hair style that you could try on your own.

Hair Bangs Gallery
Hair Bangs Gallery

Add side bangs for a great prom hair style

Prom hair style with long side swept bangs

Capture this long hair style with long side swept bangs and make it your own for prom this year. Add some soft curls all over for a romantic touch.

Follow up with a spritz of shine serum all over to seal in the shine and maybe some hair spray to keep the side swept bangs in place.

This is a great hair style idea for prom.

The short prom hair style

Dare you get a short hair cut and blow away everyone at the prom?

The short hair style is very much in style, thanks to celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham.

Wear your hair for prom in a very sexy short layered hair style like Katie Holmes. Add some jeweled barrettes or hair clips for added pizzazz.

This style is a basic bob hair cut that features lots of layering, long side swept bangs and some texturizing. Add a styling gel to damp hair and style away. You can wear it full volume, straight and sleek or all over romantic curls.

You determine your style! Be bold!

Need a Good Prom Hair Style Idea?

Try a Long, Curly Prom Hair Style with bangs

If you can't decide on how you will wear your hair this prom, you can always wear your hair down and long.

See photo example of prom hair style. Model is wearing a long hair style that features a deep side part and side-swept bangs. The hair is curly all over.

To create this style, apply a curl-enhancing cream all over the hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment and just your fingers to shape and position the hair.

Next, add all over curls and waves using a curling iron or flat iron. Creating curls with the flat iron does require a little bit of expertise--something I have not been able to master.

To add dimension to the style, you can add curls from a large barrel curling iron and a medium barrel curling iron, alternating throughout the hair.

This style will look great for th prom and it will go well with just about any kind of dress. If you have a low-cut dress, you may want to add a decorative necklace and maybe some matching earrings.

Center your prom hair style

Different looks for different parts

A great way to create a totally different look, without changing a whole lot, is to change the way you part your hair.

This season, the center part is the way to go. Use a sharp comb to get the part just right--down the center, ending at your nose.

Pull back small sections of hair in the crown area and secure into a low ponytail for a very simple, soft prom hair style.

Dress up the style with fancy clips/barrettes or even flowers. Or maybe add corkscrew curls to several small strands of hair around the face for a softer prom hair style.

Very Simple Prom Updo HairStyle

A style you can do yourself!

If you don't have time or money to go to your hair stylist to get your prom hair style, then this style will be perfect for you. It is a simple side ponytail that features a deep side part, side swept bangs and a little height in the crown area.

Add all over curls to the bottom part of your hair and leave the crown hair smooth for a very elegant and simple to create prom hair style look.

Wear long dangling earrings that match or compliment your dress!

Who will do your hair for prom this year?

Who will do your hair this year for prom?

See results

Long, layered black hair style

Subtle, distinctive layers give style extra flare

Getting a layered hair cut is an option for your prom hair style. See example hair style photo of a long layered black hair style that will work for a formal occasion such as the prom.

The style has layers that frame the face and angle all the way to the ends. The ends are styled to a straight, if not edgy look.

You can vary this hair style by adding some highlights/lowlights and maybe pulling back a small section of hair in the crown area.

Wavy long hair with bangs

Glamorous long hair works for any prom

If you are looking for a long, carefree style for prom, look no further than the style pictured here. Long gentle waves combined with also long side swept bangs from a deep side part make it a very soft look that will sizzle with any type of prom hair style.

Options for prom hairstyles

Side ponytail looks great for a formal hair style

Sometimes we automatically eliminate any type of pony tail for formal occasions. But, today the pony tail is very popular for just that--formal occasions.

Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example. She is wearing her hair in a ponytail and has left out a few wispy strands and side swept bangs for a very soft and feminine look.

Why not try this type of style for prom? Dress it up further with a decorative hair barrette or even flowers and wear long dangling earrings.

Wear a side pony tail for prom

Prom hair style ideas

Who said that pony tails were just for the gym? Celebrities everywhere have made the ponytail very IN STYLE for any formal occasion.

And, what could be easier than pulling all your hair back into a ponytail?

Well, it may look easy, but you need to remember if you want your hair to look curly, you will first need to blow dry the hair and curl it with a curling iron.

Notice that she has parted her hair deep on one side and pulled all her hair around to the same side for a low, side pony tail.

Because she has pulled it around, the portion of hair on the left side of her part appears to have a little bit of height.

This style is great for creating the look of bangs, without actually having bangs. Of course you will need some serious hair spray to keep this style in place--out of your eyes.

Straight Prom Hair Styles

When in doubt, wear it long

The long, straight hair style will always look good for prom. You may need to allow a little extra time to style your hair and get it to be perfectly smooth and straight.

Use silicone based products to coat the hair cuticle and add shine. Blow dry the hair straight or slightly under using a large round hair brush.

Long, sexy hair will always be in style.

Need a more formal prom hair style look?

Try This Prom Updo Hair Style

If you don't like the idea of wearing your hair down for a formal occasion such as prom, why not try a sweet updo style.

This updo hair style is pulled back neatly, with a little extra height in the crown area.

Hair appears to be very shiny--apply a shine serum after the style is finished for the shiny look.

This type of sophisticated updo will look great with any type of prom dress as well as the long and curly hair style.

Depending on what your dress looks like, you can add/accentuate certain features by adding long earrings, large or even small necklaces.

Schedule a trial run with your stylist a few weeks before prom and then try on all sorts of accessories to decide what your favorite look will be.

Different Prom Hair Styles Option

Using a barrette with your prom hair style

So you're looking for a prom hair style and really don't want to wear your hair in any sort of fancy updo. And to add to the complications, you don't want to just wear your hair down and straight like you do everyday.

Well, then this hair style might work for you, see photos. She is wearing hear hair parted deep on one side and the hair is left wavy all over. You can add a decorative barrette for variety. I'm sure there are even more fancy barrettes that you could find, or even somewhere you can stick some fresh flowers in.

This is a great option for prom hair that doesn't require a lot of extra work, yet looks different than your standard everyday hair style.

Prom Hair Styles

Selecting the right prom hair style

Selecting a prom hair style for your face shape can involve a little more than just looking at magazines.

Many hair styles today have certain features to them, such as long layers or bangs that can be incorporated into your hair style.

To determine your face shape, pull all of your hair back into a ponytail or clip. Stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror using something removable (i.e. a bar of soap, washable marker, etc.). Next, stand back and look at the shape that you drew. Does it look more oval, round, square, heart shaped or oblong? It could be the combination of any of these shapes.

There are 5 basic face shapes that we will cover, oval, round, square, heart and oblong. Most of us have combinations of these face shapes.

Oval Face Shape: This is the 'wannabe' face shape, similar to the hourglass body shape.

Oval face shapes are highly desired and envied. All other face shapes attempt to create the illusion of having an oval face. The oval face shape suits any hair style, including long, short, medium, layered, straight or even curly. Bangs can be added to emphasize the eyes or add a little change.

Round Face Shape: A round face is as wide as it is long with rounded edges. The nose is the center guide. In trying to maintain the appearance of an oval face shape, hair for round face shapes should be kept close to the sides of the face, while the crown will need height and volume.

Square Face Shape: The square face shape is as wide as it is long and has strong angles. This face shape needs a hair style with softness to lessen the effects of the angles.

Heart Face Shape: The heart-shaped face is wide in the eye and cheekbone area with a narrow or pointy chin. Many heart-shaped faces also have a high forehead.

For long hair styles, add long, wavy layers around your cheekbones that fall in the neck area. For shorter hair, add top layers that are long and soft. Side-swept bangs are a great technique to lessen the width and height of the forehead area.

Avoid blunt-cut bangs, short hair, ponytails and choppy layers. Subtle layering is much more flattering.

Long Face Shape: Long faces are described as oblong- long and narrow. The goal with this face shape is to create the illusion of more width by adding fullness at the sides and having a smooth top with bangs of some sort. Curls and waves can also add width to your face and make it appear more oval.

Finding your prom hair style - Best places to find a great style

Where do you find ideas of hair styles for prom?

See results

New Amazon Plexo - Get clip in hair extensions for your prom

Clip in hair extensions offer the instant long hair style you have been looking for. They are easily attached to your hair for a natural free-flowing look.

Have a great prom!

Prom Stuff - Prom Dresses, Hair Extensions, Prom Shoes

Check out the best prom dresses, prom shoes, clip in hair extensions and other accessories that will make your prom the best ever.

Go to Prom this year looking your very best!

Can't find the hair style you are looking for? Just enter a comment that describes the hair style you want to find and we will help you find it.

Go to prom in style this year with just the right hair style!!

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