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How to pull off a Cowboy Look for Men

Updated on September 1, 2014

Western wear for men cool

We are all familiar with the whole cowboy phenomenon that has always been very popular in mainstream media.

From movies and TV shows, to cartoons and billboards for cigarettes. The cowboy look has always been something that attracts a lot of women, and has many men looking for that particular western cowboy look too.

There are many things that are essential in the cowboy look and we are going to give you details on the most important ones.

Wrangler® Cowboy Cut® jeans

A nice pair of jeans

Get a nice pair of jeans that are not baggy but also not 80’s rocker tight. They should be a close fit but never to the point that they adjust to the shape of your legs. The cowboy jeans are usually the good old blue jeans that have been a traditional element in the cowboy look in modern times. You could also get black or light blue jeans for the look, but don’t go for red,, green or any other flashy color because you are not starring in back to the future 3 (sorry Marty, but that was a horrible look).

Man wearing Stetson Hat

Wear a Stetson hat, the "typical" cowboy hat

You could think that buying yourself a nice cowboy hat would instantly turn you into a cowboy, but without the proper clothes and shoes to go with it, you would only be a guy wearing a cowboy hat.

These hats served many purposes, but mainly for protection against the scorching sun that they would have to endure during long travels on their horses. You should get a nice one in the color of your preference, but make sure it matches your clothing too.

How to shape your Stetson Cowboy Hat

The Right Pair of Cowboy Boots

A good pair of boots

Now for another very important thing to get for your look and that is your footwear. You should buy yourself a nice pair of leather boots. Don’t buy any new style of boots that might look cool, but they don’t fit in with the look of the real cowboy. Try to choose a good pair of boots from an actual western shoe store. Cowboy boots are very comfortable and helped protect the cowboys from snakebites and provided them with more stability when riding their horses.

Cowboy boots : Before you buy your next pair, watch this.

Wrangler Cowboy Cut western shirt for the traditional style cowboy !

And for your shirt ?

Your shirt could be something as simple as a white t-shirt, or a fancier look with a designer cowboy shirt with embroidery.

The designs are varied, but always remember to go for colors that are not too vibrant. The cowboy look and strong bright colors are not really something that helps the look, at least if you want to be serious about it.

Just try to stick to blue, white, black and brown and you will keep things slick.

Rodeo Cowboy Buckle Western Belt

The belt

For that extra cowboy look you can also get a nice belt buckle with your initials on it. The belt should be made with leather of course and the buckle can be big but without being too flashy either. There is a perfect balance between a visible buckle and something that is too large for the person to comfortably sit down or ride a horse with it.

Beautiful short bear

And the final touch

For the final touch you can always grow a beard for that cowboy look to be complete.

A good beard style is to let it grow past the five o clock shadow but not too long either.

Cowboys would rarely keep very long beards because they would get too dirty and it would be hard to maintain them while they would be doing any kind of outdoor activities in their horses or even walking. You need to remember that the Wild West was sometimes very windy and there was a lot of dirt flying with that wind. Keep that beard short but visible.

That's all

If you follow this advice you should be ready to pull off that cowboy look!

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    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      3 years ago from France

      Living in the countryside I can only love that look!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting look. Thanks

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Last tip : Don't forget there are a number of things you can do to adopt the cowboy style as your own.


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